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Melancholy is a funny thing. Let me break it down for you, sometimes I have this habit, where I know I should be fully living in a moment and really appreciating all the good in my life, whether it be a relationship or a moment in my life that I am in, but instead I get this little touch of sadness at the thought of the moment or person leaving me. 

The thing is, we are the only species that is aware of immortality. That is what makes us human - we are aware that we will all someday die...And maybe that is a really morbid way of looking at life, but it is the one constant in our lives and it is one that sometimes overwhelms me; more so now as I age and I watch those I love age. 

Do you ever get nostalgic over moments and people that have not even left you yet? It's really an unfortunate, glass half empty, kind of way to look at life and yet I do it on occasion.  I try not to, but sometimes I can't help it.   

After watching this video, it makes me want to change my outlook on life and my relationships. It makes me want to love harder and enjoy the moments in my life more.

So my question to you is, how do you respond? Do you try and love harder? Do you try and extend your moment of happiness or do you push it away for fear of losing it later? 

How do you want to live your life?

<3 BB 


Sara Elizabeth said...

Wow, amazing video! I definitely have those melancholy days, typically when I'm alone and thinking too much. I snap myself out of it by trying to live more in the moment, while not totally forgetting about what the future might hold but more taking into account the good things that are going on in the present.

Vivi said...

Beautiful post - I love Jason Silva. But I disagree with him - I don't think we ever really lose anything we love, even in death.

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon said...

How beautiful.
I think it's a blessing in disguise that nothing is permanent, you know? Like, we can experience each and every emotion/person/experience for the wholly unique *thing* that it is. It never has been before and never will be again.

Melancholy about losing something you haven't lost yet means you're aware and you're not taking this *thing* for granted in that nostalgic moment.
If we spent more of life with the perspective that this particular moment we're in happens only once, maybe we'd finally be free to be ...alive?

You've left me pondering today, friend. Thank you. :)

Rachel Sedaker said...

I get this way too- I have ever since I was little. I used to panic at the thought that one day, my parents would no longer be alive. Ok, I still panic at that thought. I even do it with my dog- I joke that I want her to live forever. I do it with moments too, and it has shaped how I live my life- not allowing opportunities to pass me by, since I don't know if they will ever come again. When I studied abroad, I travelled all over during every single break I had, and I saw all of the things I wanted to see. I argued with my closest friend because she did not see things my way- she felt like she could see things the next time she went to Europe. My mantra has always been, what if there is no next time? We are not guaranteed anything in this life except death. So yeah, I try to love a little harder, and live a little more.

Molly Turnbaugh said...

I can easily get melancholy, especially with fall rolling in. I should definitely try and live life a lot more half full than half empty though. Work in progress.

Helene in Between said...

i ALWAYS get nostalgic over moments and life. i try to put things into perspective but sometimes thats hard and I need a reminder.

AVY said...

As time passes I'm learning the things that do make me happy and the things that don't. That's a big step.



Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

I watched this video last night at work, but my phone is the worst and is going through a "you can never comment again on a post" phase.

I unfortunately have this awful habit of "i could lose you" for the longest time it would cripple love, friend and family alike, but the older I get the better I have become at setting it free. But there will always be the twinge, always.

MacKensie said...

Here's a word to go with the feeling: http://www.the-emotionary.com/page/6/ I'm right there with ya, friend.