Babbles Takes On Seattle!

Happy Sunday!

Another weekend has come and gone far too quickly.  Luckily, it was another awesome one and it is now leading into my birthday week - so you won't see me complaining!

Friday afternoon I hit up I-5 North to visit one of my favorite people and old college roomies, Rachel, to celebrate her birthday.  That night we hung out with her brother and a ton of their friends at his awesome and HUGE house up on Capital Hill.  I only knew a few people, but quickly made friends, which is always a good time. -- Make new friends, but keep the old. one is silver and the other gold? (anybody?! We Sing Sillyville?!)

After a late Friday night we spent the rest of the weekend being super low key.  This grandma is not used to being awake at 2:30 in the AM unless it happens to be because I have to pee in the middle of the night.  Good news though: I was responsible and didn't do anything crazy, so I was able to get a run in the next morning.  I always forget how hilly the Queen Anne neighborhood is, but it lead to a nice set of hills in the middle of my run, which was super needed since I ate like a 7 year old all weekend.  After living with Rachel for a year I can always expect to eat like a child when I am with her.  Pizza, Sour Patch Kids, ice cream, and shapes mac and cheese were all on the list!   

 This pic was taken pre hills.  Post hills - I was not such a happy camper.

One of the highlights of my weekend was getting to play with the cutest puppy ever:

Everyone meet, Molly!

This might have also happened: 

Puppy kisses!

After our puppy play date we headed to Laurelhurst Beach Club for the afternoon. We were able to enjoy plenty of funshine and even had a chance to take kayaks out onto the lake.  I think it was Lake Union, but it might have been Lake Washington - I always get them confused.   Sadly, there are no photos of us on the kayaks. (I do not trust myself with electronics around water)  I did, however, snap a quick pic with the iphone when we got back on land :) 

Maybe someday I will be cool enough to have a membership at a Beach Club?

After a great weekend like the one I just had up in Seattle it's always hard to force myself to drive home and get ready for another week.  BUT I am quite excited for the one coming up since it is officially my birthday week.  As much as I loved celebrating Rachel's it's time to focus all your attention on me !!!! Kidding kind of.  Not sure what is all on the agenda yet, but I know my brother and sister will be up so I plan on getting some time in with them.  It bodes well for me that I actually like my family members. Makes things a lot less awkward during get-togethers ;)

Cheers to Birthday Week! 


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