It's Friday! Friday!

Gotta get down on Friday! Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend.  Partyin', Partyin' yeah!!!

Sorry I got a little carried away there, I think I blacked out? 

Who has two thumbs and is excited for the weekend.... THIS GIRL!  Why, might you ask, because I get to visit my old roomie from college in Seattle :) ahh-woohoo!   It's her birthday weekend so I am headed up to help celebrate her being alive for a quarter of a century.

In other good news:  Brooke finally went to the eye doctor and ordered new contacts, which means she will not have to be blind for at least another year!!!!  Thank you mama's insurance :)

You will quickly catch on that I like to give the thumbs up sign.

Last night Bradley and I had originally planned to get a workout in....BUT then decided to have a date night before I left for the weekend instead (much better idea if you ask me).  I did manage to get up before work and get a workout in though, so not all was lost....  The excitement all started last night when he brought me back new, free Hurley sunnies from work.

I make neon green look good.

We then headed to a new sushi joint out in the Beevs called Mio where I proceeded to eat my body weight in rolls.  Their Double Crunch was LEGITSKIS.  


 After we nom'd on sushi we headed to our favorite fro-yo place U-U.  I went with the cookies and cream with a splash of original tart and then added my usual: Heath Bar and Oreo crumbles for a little extra crunch.  (If I were a Top Chef judge I would mention something about the contrasting textures, and the flavor profiles blah, blah, blah... but I'm not, so I'll just go with: it is yummy in my tummy!).  Probs could use that missed workout more than ever now.

We know, we know.  The sunnies look better on me.

We topped the night off by watching a few episodes of Breaking Bad.... which honestly might not have been the best choice after a full tummy, due to the fact there was a super icky scene with a dead body and blood.  Why did I think this would be a good show before bedtime?  I always get nightmares.... but that is neither here nor there, because now I am hooked. 

Annnnyhoooo.  Enjoy your weekend folks.  I am off to play in Seattle. 

Cheers to making it through another work week!


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