Tuesday Tunesday :: 7.17


Proud of you all for making it through another Tuesday!!! Here are some tunes to reward you: 

Quick question before we get to music:  Does anyone else think of clowns when they read the name of my blog like my coworker does?  No, just Tyler?!  Ok that's what I was hoping. 

On to the music.... 

Timmy Curran :: Blue Eyes 

Heard this song while listening to The Head and The Heart Pandora station the other day.  Haven't stopped listening to that at work since last week, now that I think about it.   I pretend he is singing about me, because I have blue eyes.  Seems reasonable, no?

Gregory Alan Isakov :: The Stable Song 

Now this is not a new song from Gregory Alan Isakov, but it sure is beautiful.  His voice is so raspy and lovely.  I love.

Passion Pit :: Take A Walk

Passion Pit has a new album! Everyone get excited!!!!  Also, there are a lot of good remixes of this song.  Check them out on YouTube if you're into that kind of thing *which I am*.

And lastly, The xx :: Angels

Now, prepare to get even more excited, because guess what (insert drum roll)....... The xx are working on a new album!!!!!!!! and they are coming to Portland this fall.  You bet your fine ass I'll be there! Join me if you'd like.

Cheers to another Tuesday down!


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