It's Monday Night!

Which calls for my weekend recap slash Bachelorette: Men Tell All thoughts.

Low key weekend for this girl and boy did I need it :) after a busy week of work I was super excited for an easy weekend. 

Bradley and I spent our Saturday morning making an awesome egg scramble and banana pancakes to protein load before our workout. 

 True Story: Brad will make fun of me when he realizes I took this photo.

We rocked our Strong Like Susan Ab Challenge and then followed it up with an easier CrossFit workout.  Nothing too crazy: he got in 10 sets of 10 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 10 box jumps in and I finished up 7 rounds (we know, we know.  I am lazy).  After that we headed back for more protein, Bradley made his world famous protein shake, recipe here:

4-5 ice cubes 
1 banana
1 spoonful of both pb and cocoa
1-2 scoop(s) of protein powder
Milk to top off the concoction

After we nommed on the yummy shake we headed to the pool where we spent the rest of our day with our friends Justine and Tyler.  We ended the evening with Fro-Yo during halftime of the Galaxy and Portland game.

 Watermelon = Summer (medical science)

I would have to say overall Saturday was a success and Sunday did not disappoint either. Can I just reiterate how fantastic lazy Sunday mornings are?! I slept in until 10am.... 10 am!!! That is so late for me.  Like WHOA late.  I was so excited slash felt a little gypped at the same time.  Does anyone else feel like their day is wasted when they sleep in too late?

Once I finally got around to showering and starting my day Brad and I met up with our friends Jason and Erica for the afternoon.  The weather wasn't quite as nice as we had hopped for to have the BBQ we had originally planned, but we still had plenty of fun. 

And here is something I learned on Sunday: Happy Hour prices do not start until 3pm on Sunday at Oswego Grill.  Do not go there thinking they have Happy Hour all day Sunday.  You will be disappointed.  Well I shouldn't say that.... my chopped salad still tasted fantastic, but my Brad's bank account was not as happy with the full prices. 

Now enough details about my weekend that already happened...I must focus all my attention to the Bachelorette (or at least for the first hour - before bedtime).  I will even leave you with a few thoughts on the show:
::Sean I am sad to see you go, you were such a cutie.... and I mean --this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me maybe?! 
::Also - does anyone else think that Stevie is the most annoying guy ever... Seriously though, who brings a boombox to meet someone for the first time?!  And really, we get it - the dude with the 'choppa was annoying,  but it is way more annoying to hear you complain about it, when we all know you complain because you envy him.
:: I am torn on who I want to win.  I actually like both guys she has picked for the final.  I like them much more than I actually care for Emily.  Does she have anything else to talk about other than her kid?  Cool you're a single mom.  What else do you bring to the table?!

Do you go with Team Jef with one F or Team Fast like a NASCAR Ari..... Ah man! who to choose, who to choose.....

Cheers to 25 cuties telling all!


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