What Are You Training For?!

I apologize for the profanity mom, grandma, aunts, and anyone else that may have been offended....but I just thought this was too funny slash too applicable in my life lately to not post.

I don't know how many times I have been stopped at the gym or the track as of late and had people ask me what I am training for.  I get very mixed feelings when this happens.  A of all: thanks for noticing that the pull ups and box jumps I often do are more aggressive than just 20 mins of walking on a treadmill.  But B of all: why do I have to be training for anything?  This leads me to the question: why can't it be enough to want to be fit and healthy for yourself? Why is it that people who would rather go to the gym than Happy Hour after work are often looked down upon?  When in reality they are just making an effort to live a healthy life style that will benefit them not just now, but years down the road. - insert random article about the health benefits of exercise 

I have been active my entire life.  I come from a competitive family of coaches and athletes.  My high school years were broken up into three different sports seasons and my college schedule was filled with volleyball three-a-days and track workouts for 7 different events.  So yeah, you could say I know how to train for competition.  However, since graduating and finishing my stint in competitive athletics I have learned to approach being fit and active in a different manner.

As much as I loved being a college athlete I quickly realized I was not going to be the next Olympian to come out of Willamette University.  We will leave that to Nick Symmonds.  I am just keeping my fingers crossed that my school record stays up for another year.  With that being said, I quickly learned after college that if I wanted to stay in shape I was going to have to do it on my own.  Where is Coach Brett when I need him?!  So when I feel like it I can sign up for random competitions like Tough Mudder to give me something to train for on days I am feeling less motivated, but at the end of the day I am only training for myself.

At the end of the day my reasons for working out are simple. I want to be healthy and happy!  You won't see me at the front of any marathon finish lines or competing in next years Cross-FIt Games.  But if you and I are next to each other on a treadmill you can count on me trying to beat you.  And yes, there may be a little vanity thrown into my reasons for staying active (I mean who doesn't want to look good during suns out, guns out season?

The top's new. Thanks for noticing!

One of my favorite things about not having to train for a specific sport or event is the variety you can have in your workouts.  One day I can do an intense cross-fit type workout like my girl crush Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet and the next I can go play a game of tennis at the local park.  As long as I break a sweat (which for me doesn't take much) and get my heart rate up at least 5 days a week I feel good about myself.  Speaking of - if you have any good workouts send them my way!  I am already half way through Strong Like Susan's Ab Challenge and always looking for new workouts to mix things up.

And really the best thing about not training to be an Olympian is that on days my body is tired and screaming for fro-yo instead of going for a run I can give into it. I have learned that happiness is finding a balance in my life including in my workouts and my eating habits.

I think Oscar Wilde said it best: 

“Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

Cheers to being happy and active!



Kait Comiskey said...

love this! fantastic outlook for sure.

ALSO i had that e-card as my lock screen on my phone for the past month. i think its freaking hilarious.

blsmith6 said...

I literally laughed out loud when I came across it, especially since the day before some bro at the track asked me if I was training for something or just really organized with my workouts.