Slowly coming off my birthday high today.  The day after your birthday is kind of like the day after Christmas for a little kid.  I had built up cake day so much in my head and now that it's all gone - I am a little depressed today (insert boo face).

Overall though the birthday was a great success.  The cake mentioned here was delicious.  My bossman is pretty rad to begin with, but the fact that he loves Beaverton Bakery so much makes him even cooler.

After work, my sibs, a few friends of theirs, my cousin Kyler, Brad and I headed out to NE Alberta street for its monthly Last Thursday street fair.  We ran into my coworker Courtney, as well as my lovely friend Jessi.  Sadly, I didn't take many pics, but boy was there some awesome Portland People keep Portland Weird watching and nommable food carts!  Jessi did snap this one of me with her new camera though:

This is my I love food face!

 We had delicious corn on the cob with cayenne pepper, hot sauce, and queso fresco, as well as super yummy dumplings from Stumptown Dumplings.  After a few trips up and down the fair we called it a night and I was still in bed by 10:15 (my inner grandma was very excited by that). 

Now on to my second success.  However, to get to the success we must first visit the part of my day that was not so successful.  This girl had set her alarm for 5:01 am to go for a run, but when it went off it just wasn't in the cards for me.  My body was tired and I quickly reset my alarm (I blame it on the late bedtime mentioned above).  With that being said, I knew I had a busy afternoon and evening, but still really wanted to run off the amazing birthday cake, so I decided to attempt my first try at a lunch run during work. Here are a few things I learned:

could totally film a 90s jazzercise vid in here!

-It is hard to be discreet walking through an office building wearing workout clothes that have splashes of neon.  

-Don't run near food establishments such as Oswego Grill and Olive Garden if you have yet to eat lunch. Torture! 

-The office workout area has a foam roller and plenty of dumbbells, ab mats, and exercise balls.  SCORE

Should have stolen a ball from here for my desk!

-The office locker room has towels and a blow dryer DOUBLE SCORE! My gym bag just got lighter. 

-Dry Shampoo is your friend, if you're lazy and don't want to use said blow dryer.

-The area around my office actually has a great paved walking trail for a quick run

-Because of the break and endorphin boost - I now have energy to kick the rest of this workday's butt!

-When I came out of the locker room after my shower I might had a quick Criminal Minds panic attack, because the lights had been randomly turned off.  Which then lead me to daydream about Agents Morgan and Reid coming to rescue me... (Sidenote: Agent Reid is sneaky cute). 

-Lastly, how does one get their sock bun to not look like this (really struggled getting it to look decent this morning before work and made it even worse trying to fix it post run today):

This is not how it looks on the Fashion Blog Tutorials, crap!

So yeah, all in all my lunch workout was a success, 25 min run: check! Abbies: check! Shower: check!  I will definitely be doing it again.

Anyways, I am off to check out this year's Oregon Brewers Festival.  Brad got halfoff tokens!  I'll admit it: I'm kind of a beer snob. I don't drink very often, so when I do I like it to taste delicious! 

Cheers to Craft Beers! 


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Kait Comiskey said...

cheers to fricking craft beers - MY FAV. way to rock the lunch break run, not much tops that when it comes to lunchtime activities.