Weekend Recap!

Hello Lovelies,

Another weekend in the books and one that was a good mix of eventful, but not busy - which I am always a fan of that.

Friday afternoon and evening was spent at the Brewfest and it went swimmingly!  Brad and I met up with our good friends Tyler and Justine and the best part besides legit beer was Bradley knows people so we got all our tokens half price.  LOVE A GOOD BARGAIN!  The beers were yummy, as were the food vendors.  I went with one of my favorite food cart goodies lamb gyros and my favs beer was probably the local Razberry Wheat by Cascade Brewing.  I even managed to snap a few insta pics while we were there too:

insta rookie with the port-a-potties in the background 

Saturday morning Brad was nice and made me pancakes and turkey bacon before we headed out to the driving range with Tyler, Justine, and my littler sister Brittany ...you would think that I would get tired of hanging out with Tyler since I work with him everyday, but luckily I like Justine a lot so it makes up for it ;)  (kidding!) Anyways, per usual my little sister showed us all up, but I must say I hit my gifted irons a lot better this time, to the point I think I might attempt a full round soon or at least 9 holes.

fore! - I kid sister :) 

The rest of Saturday turned into dateday where Brad and I first headed out for an afternoon run and then to Chipotle  dinner and a movie. The route we picked for our run ended up being over 6 miles instead of the guesstimated 4.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with myself, since I am not known for running anything over 2 miles usually.  If you ever had the chance to witness shield your eyes from one of my hep-800 races you would understand why. Let's just say my school record received zero help from my 800 time.   For the movie, we finally got the chance to see the new Batman - The Dark Knight Rises.  Overall I was super impressed with the movie (especially Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I think his performance stole the show). LOVE HIM! 

However, I must say I had a very heavy heart when the gun scene came on the screen.  I cannot even begin to imagine what the people in the Aurora theater went through. Tragic day for sure.

On a more lighter note, I had the pleasure of spending Sunday with family where we had a very yummy brunch at my Grandma's house and watched lots and lots of the Olympics!!!!  Sunday afternoons are often roomie date nights, last night we tried a new sushi joint called Bamboo Sushi.  It was yummy, but I'll recap more on that later this week with a #restaurantreview

Anyways,  I sure hope this case of the Mondays goes away, because I have a busy workweek ahead of me.   (And in case my boss is reading this - don't worry I wrote this last night, just posting today!)

Cheers !



Kait Comiskey said...

1. I share your passion for craft beers
2. Speaking of pancakes, I made a cornmeal pancake this morning. Different, but delish.
3. I also wrote my post last night, and am always hesitant to post in the afternoon as so many peeps from y
Office read my blog and probs think "what does this girl do just sit at her desk all day and write blog posts?"
Long hair.

blsmith6 said...

...don't care!