Tuesday Tunesday :: 7.31.12

Hello!!!!! Just a few jams to get you through the afternoon.  Is anyone else's dragging or is it just mine?   The sunshine is so pretty and it's taunting me. I want to be out playing in it ! Might even go for a lunch time walk to fool myself into thinking I have the day off.

And while I do that, I will leave you with these:

Antarctica Takes It! :: Lions of Love

Catchy little number, don't you think!?

Noah And The Whale :: Blue Skies

I am a sucker for emo lyrics and this jam has them.  'Blue skies are coming, but I know it's hard' 

The Tallest Man On Earth :: 1904

The Tallest Man On Earth is just lovely.  That voice, wish he could sing me to sleep every night.

Joshua Radin :: Anywhere Your Love Goes (side note: does anyone else pronounce JoshUa like Rachel does on Friends?! just me?!)

Anyways, he has a new CD out today!!! Now, honestly, I don't think any of his albums will top his first EP, but there are some solid tracks on this album.

And just for fun I got you this: Justin Bieber vs *NSYNC :: Boyfriend / Girlfriend (Mashup)


Cheers to Tunesday!


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