Weekend Roundup

Ok, I this post is coming a little late for it being a weekend recap, but every time I sit down to write it I may or may not be in bed and then I get sleepy about halfway through, so it has taken a few days to finish. Plus the fambam was up to visit (minus one broseph) for my sister's basketball tourney and I got some legit funshine time in as well, which leaves me no time for the computer! Speaking of funshine, I am so happy that the weather has finally gotten nice, however, it has also made me realized that I may have to start waking up in the mornings more regularly to get a quality run in.  Yesterday's run after work was hot and I sweat a lot. Plus working out in the mornings will leave my afternoons free for pool time at my apartment.  Now to force myself self out of bed by 5:00 instead of 5:36.  Therein lies the real challenge. Those 36 mins and one extra snooze while my roomie is in the shower are quite a difference. 

Along with my runs and other workouts, I am still going strong with Strong Like Susan's Ab Challenge.  (get it, going strong --Strong Like Susan.  I am funny, I know).  Don't let Susan's friendly smile and warm personality fool you.  She rocks your abs and a little full body while she's at it hurts so good.  Now I am not usually one that follows challenges or workout videos, but I must say Susan has provided great workouts and variation to my normal ab rut routine.  So if you are looking for something to mix up your boring gym sesh, Susan is your lady.  Plus she has replied to me on Twitter, so that pretty much makes us besties now. 

As much as you guys enjoy hearing about my abbies, let's move on to the good stuff aka my attempt at becoming a pro golfer.  As you are all aware, July is my birthday month -- feel free to email me to get my address, so you can send my present in time ;) ....My parents, being the awesome people they are, let me pick out my birthday present early so I can put it to good use.  Here's a little background info for you: recently, I decided I want to get into golfing more.  I have grown up around it and appreciate the sport, but minus the lessons I took when I was younger and the few trips I make to the driving range every summer I am by no means your next female Bubba Watson yet.  Plus, once I heard my little sister can out drive me there was no way I was letting that last long.  So my dad is letting me borrow a set of his clubs, because every normal family has multiple sets just hanging out collecting dust (no? just mine? okay.) My Dad's motto: sometimes it is not you that is struggling, it is the clubs that are and they need a timeout when that happens. Anyway, back to my gift... my parents let me pick out a new golf bag, balls, tees, etc.  Basically they got me everything I need to look like I know what I am doing out there.  Whether or not I actually do, well that's debatable.... 

Sunday, my dad, Brad, and I ventured out to the driving range to test out the new (to me) clubs.  Good news: I am just athletic enough and have the right gear that I don't look like a total idiot out there.  I also found out that I have matured in my old age and can take coaching from my father much better than when I was younger and he coach me in sports, so that's a good thing too! Bad news: there is a lot of room for improvement....mainly on the consistency side of things.  My dad had me breaking a sweat before 10am as we did Hank Haney drills to work on not topping the ball.  I am pretty excited to be able to start golfing more regularly.  Now I just have to get good enough to convince my brothers and dad to let me tag along with them :)

My short term goal is to get out on the course after a few more trips to the driving range.  I want to be confident enough that I can get through a round of golf without having the group behind me yelling at me for taking too long, because I am searching for my ball in the rough every other shot.  Let me know if you want to mock join me!

Also, this is what happens when you've had too much sun over the weekend.  Things started to get a little weird at the Schwabauer house Sunday evening as we were grilling:

My sister and I sure are pretty.

Cheers to Golf and Sun and Abbies!


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