Fashion Blog Rant of the Week :: Forever 21

.... On Forever 21.

So yesterday I took a trip to Forever 21 in hopes of finding one of these:


but in the price range of a girl with plenty of student loans, bills, bills and more bills.  As much as I love my J. Crew, I was trying to be practical for a change.  Look mom, this is me attempting to be responsible! ;) (I can say that because I know she reads this)

Seriously, though, Sydney - from The Daybook - rocks this hat on the regs and looks so adorable and I want to look just like her not creepy at all.  Can I be you Syd?  (I call her that, because in my mind we're besties)

Picture stolen from The Daybook.  Thinking about stealing Syd's kid too, how cute are their matching low tops?!

I will save my love for Sydney and her blog for another day.  I could spend an entire post (if not multiple) on her.  She was the first blog I came across and I just love everything about her.....

Sorry off topic, back to the rant at hand - as soon as I walked into Forever 21 I became super overwhelmed.  Am I the only one that has this problem, because I swear everyone I know (and even those people I pretend to know -  I'm talking about all the blogs I stalk) seem to find adorable clothes there and for cheap....Now I am not sure which of the following triggered it, but all I walked out with was a headache and self esteem issues.  Below is a list of things that I think might have triggered my struggles:

::It could have been from the music that was blaring out of the speakers. Good thing I was alone and didn't want to talk to anyone.  What was that?! I can't hear you over this rap-crap coming from the speakers!!!!!  - said in my best Grandma tone.
::All the shades of neon thrown about the store. But no really, it looked like Katy Perry's hair threw up in there.
::The clutter:  My OCD habits kicked in a little.  They have got to find better organization techniques. 
::The amount of short skirts and short shorts.  Seriously though - how do tweens wear those things and sit down?!  I don't think I could get my arm in one, let alone my entire lower half... And then to be able to sit down and not flash an entire room, yeah. ok....
::Not to mention their annoying return policy. No, I don't want store credit.  -Give me my money!
::The number of teenage girls attempting to be hipster or whatever you want to call the horrible look below (I know they were judging me and my J. Crew skirt the moment I walked in.  I have a sixth sense about these things.):

Pic borrowed from  WTForever21 - which by the way is literally one of the funniest blogs.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.

---- also super off topic again, but does anyone else laugh to themselves when they use the word literally in a sentence because they have seen Season 3 - Episode 8 of How I Met Your Mother?!   You know the one where everyone gets mind blown by all of their annoy habits and Robin's annoying habit is using the word 'literally' incorrectly and then Ted has to correct her, because his annoying trait is being Mr. Corrector and says, 'You mean, figuratively' .... makes me laugh just thinking about it. ----

Annnnnyway, maybe it's just me or maybe I am getting old, but I am always overwhelmed underwhelmed with Forever 21. After more attempts than Sam and Ron trying to make it work, I think it is officially time for me to give up on the store.  As much as I love a good deal, there comes a point where quality trumps quantity. So I am going to try and start saving my pennies for the cute J. Crew Panama hat, even if it is out of style by the time I can afford it. OR if people want to send me free things to wear, I suppose I could turn this blog into a daily fashion blog ;)  ...then again who am I kidding, I am broke and I will probs end up going back to Forever 21 and giving it another try.  The outcome will probs end up looking something like this though:

::There was one small highlight that made my trip to the mall worth it: watching one of the said hipster girls roll her ankle while trying to walk in her awkward looking, hipster-wedge-boot-heel things (and yes, that is the technical fashion term for the shoes she was wearing, in case you were questioning me).  Stick with the flats, baby girl.

Cheers to the opposite of what Forever 21 is!



mswilk said...

I concur with your assessment of Forever 21. Just beware, it gets more obnoxious the older you get. Five years ago the people and music were annoying, now they are unbearable and I only order online.

blsmith6 said...

Online shopping keeps looking better and better!