Thanksgiving Recap!

I suppose it's fitting that I write this Thanksgiving recap whilst Bradley yells cheers for number 1 ranked Indiana University as they take on number 14 North Carolina in basketball tonight.  

My 5 days in Indiana were great and busy.  I brought my camera and tried to get pictures throughout my time there.  I wont bore you with pictures of our Thanksgiving feast....and by that I mean I was too busy stuffing my face to actually take pictures of the food.  

What I do have to show you are pictures from Churchill Downs, the cutest puppy ever, and some might argue the cutest brother and sister duo ever.  

This is the second time I have been to Churchill Downs and both times have been awesome.  Although I must say last time I won money, whereas this time I did not.  Not that I bet much money either time - wasting my money on gambling is not really my thing.  (but wasting it on buying material possessions is?!)

The weather was cool and crisp, plus super sunny.  Lovely combo for the horse races.

I was often compared to a race horse on the track, because I was so strong and fast.... NOT.

The venue was super pretty and timeless. 

After the races, Brad's sister asked if we could puppysit her brand new dog and of course I said yes.

I might have struggled a little though as a sitter and Booker T may or may not have gone pee on the hardwood floor as I was searching for his leash. what are ya gonna do?!


Bradley struggled with the pic, but the pups was camera ready!

I will have a puppy some day, sooner rather than later.

In. Love.

My last highlight of the weekend, and by that I mean the last thing I took pictures of, was Brad's little cousin Bri's gymnastics performance.  This little girl is almost four years old and is the most precious thing you will ever meet.  Perfect blonde hair, with perfect blonde curls.  Can you tell I am jealous?!

Get it gurl! (she's the second one in)

All sorts of sass and I love it!

Just chillin' after she rocked her performance!

I also might have a huge crush on her baby brother, Landon.  He is giving Bri a run for her money on the cute factor!

Anyways, there were plenty of other awesome moments over the 5 days we were there, including being on the winning end of the annual Snook Noodle Bowl soccer game and an awesome Indian food date at a place called Kashmir in a cute part of Louisville (produced Lululululuville) with Brad's good friend, Carly and her entertaining bf, Tim.   The only downfall of cross-country travel is dealing with the time changes and the fact that I now have a cold.  I blame the germ infested children on the planes! Ohhhh well.

Either way I am super happy I was able to celebrate Thanksgiving with Bradley and his family.  Even though I missed my family and all our Holiday traditions, it was super generous of the Snooks to include me in theirs.  My family has put their foot down and said there is no way I could leave them for Christmas, not that I would.  It's my favorite holiday of year and I wouldn't let them celebrate it without me.

Cheers to being Thankful! 

<3 BB


Kait Comiskey said...

ugh that puppy is a heartbreaker. i want one so badly too, i beg andrew at least once a week. and then i realize that i dont have any money.

blsmith6 said...

Brad keeps telling me that is what I am getting for Christmas, which is just horribly mean, because we are not allowed to have dogs at our apartment complex!