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Not sure if you guys are like me when it comes to beauty products, but I do this thing where I am no good with make-up and yet I still want to buy products all the time.  I am a lot like Jenna Marbles when it comes to beauty products, definitely a goo-hoarder.  Brad is amazed by how cluttered the medicine cabinet became once I moved in. The way I see it is, if I have a new, different productive it will magically make my face look like a movie star's! ta-da!

Anyways, my most recent purchase came in the mail yesterday!  I had been hearing good things about the BeautyBlender, but was a little hesitant to purchase it, because at Sephora they charge 19.95 for it and you're supposed to buy cleaner along with it.  However, when I saw it was cheaper on Amazon, I decided to pull the trigger.  (Also, I opted to not buy the cleaner, because I saw online if you use a tiny bit of soap and warm water it does the trick.)

Now, like I said before, I really have no idea what I am actually doing when it comes to makeup.  My makeup collection is a mix of higher end products like MAC foundation and then drug store finds like this BB Cream.  Essentially, I try and do enough to control my inner-13 year old's acne problem, all the while not looking like a clown.  My biggest challenge though is by the end of the day my 'flawless' morning makeup looks more like this...

Adam, why so much makeup?!

Ok, not really, but it just doesn't look as smooth and natural as I would like. All the reviews I read / YouTube tutorials I watched said that the BeautyBlender definitely helps with that problem and I have to say I agree.

This video does a great job of showing how to use it properly.

Now, I have only used the BB once so far, but I think I am going to be a big fan of it.  It doesn't soak up all your expensive foundation in one use and it helps blot/roll it on your face, as opposed to using your oily hand or a brush that can leave your face full of paint brush swipes.... And I assume my face now looks like it has an airbrush finish to it - but who's to say, I didn't actually look in the mirror after I applied it ;)

Cheers to Beauty!

<3 BB

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