ZooLights - Take 2.  I say Take 2 because a group of us tried to go a few weekends ago and the line to just purchase your tickets was over an hour wait.  As much as I love Christmas lights, we quickly decided to abort that mission.  So, last night we tried again!  My cousin Kyndra, her friend Kris, Bradley, and I all bundled up some of us bundled more than others. and checked out some awesome Christmas lights. I guess a little snow in the forecast will cause people to stay inside, which worked in our favor, because there was hardly a line last night. 

We rode the train, got hot chocolate and cookies, and tried to walk briskly to keep from getting frost bite. 

Bonus for me: Kris is a photographer so he tried to give me a few pointers.  Pointer number one: taking photos at night is kind of hard.

This might have been my favorite.

It had a 3D affect going on when you were looking at it.

Ok, does anyone else think that looks like a monkey? The costume, not Brad.  Bradley of course asked if he could take a picture with the horse and the ZooLights volunteer quickly corrected him by saying it was a cow.  We were all wrong in guessing what animal it actually was.

He also asked if he could get a picture with the unicorns.  How could I tell that face no?

Unicorns and glitttttter!  (name that reference)

Sometimes all times Brad does not like to corporate for pictures and that happens.

This was take 3.  I finally gave up and said I would post his awkward photos if he wasn't going to behave. I imagine this is what my mom felt like when my dad and brothers never smiled in pictures growing up. There are a lot of pictures from the 90s where they are not smiling.  My guess is she gave up too.  

Anyways, the ZooLights are going to be on display for a little while longer.  I suggest you check them out on a week night to get a little less of a crowd.


<3 BB

PS. The reference I was referring to earlier was the Progressive commercial. Gotta love Flo... and glitter.

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