One Week Till Christmas!

Since it is officially one week until Christmas and it is currently snowing outside, I figured some Christmas music was fitting!!!!!!!  Also, you should probably either make your own or purchase some hot choc.  And for the record - it is hard to pick a favorite Christmas songs list.  I LOVE THEM ALL. I will probably post this and then realize I left out at least 7 other great ones... but this will at least get you started!

Bing Crosby :: White Christmas
White Christmas is fitting right now since Portland is getting snow.  I grew up having snow a lot of the winter, so it's always nice when I get a tiny bit in Portland.

Nat King Cole :: The Christmas Song
Turkey always helps make the season bright.

Chris Brown :: This Christmas 
You can have your opinions about Chris Brown (I am sure most are not that kind), but it doesn't really change the fact that this song is catchy.

Zooey Deschanel and Leon Redbone :: Baby It's Cold Outside
There is just something about this version I just love.  Maybe it's Leon's voice, maybe it's because it's from Elf.  Either way it makes me smile.

Boyz II Men :: Silent Night 
When I was growing up my dad was kind of an OG (original gangster) and had the Boyz II Men Christmas CD.  This was always my favorite on the album.

Neil Diamond :: The Little Drummer Boy
For the record my parents had an odd variety when it came to Christmas Albums.  They also had Neil Diamond's and The Little Drummer Boy is one of my dad's favorite Christmas songs.  This version always reminds me of sitting in traffic driving home from my Grandparent's after Thanksgiving.

Straight No Chaser ;: 12 Days of Christmas 
Obviously, the best part of this song is when they break into AFRICA! Toto did it right with that song. 

Mariah Carey :: All I Want For Christmas Is You 
How could I not include this on my list of favorites!

I could keep going, but I will leave you with Mariah stuck in your head the rest of the day! What are some of your favorite Christmas songs?!


<3 BB

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