Happy One Week Till Christmas Eve!

Happy Monday, Everyone!

Oh Man! I am in full Christmas Cheer Mode.  One week till Christmas Eve, are you kidding me?! It's going to be gone before I know it.  Gotta soak it up while I can!

Now with all that Christmas Cheer I have, one would think I spent my weekend doing awesome Holiday Festivities..but I didn't.  I have no fun updates from the weekend.  Like zero, nada, null... you get the idea. Brad and I were lazy - as in spent almost 10 hours on the couch Saturday and close to that same amount on Sunday. We watched movies and enjoyed our Christmas tree and fireplace!  Real cool 20somethings, I know.

More or less my view for the entire weekend. 

I must say, I definitely needed the rest. I was still working on getting over a cold and just plain tired.  We knew going into the weekend we wanted to be low key.  However, by the end of it, I somehow felt even more lethargic than before I started the resting period.  My evening workouts were sub-par and my body felt like I was a bear coming out of hibernation; it just didn't want to cooperate. And even though I forced myself through a good ab workout and cardio on Saturday including a 3 min. plank and a deck of cards workout and cardio on Sunday, it felt like I was just going through the motions, torturous motions.

It made me realize that rest is a good thing, but only in moderation.  Kind of like everything else in life, I suppose.  It also made me understand how easy it is to make being lazy a habit.  Being that sedentary, not only affects your body, but it also affects your mind.  It made me lose motivation to be productive and also made my body sore and stiff - which did not help my already lacking motivation. It was a good lesson for me  and forced me to get my butt up for an early morning cardio session before work so I can go to dinner with this little lady, her mom, and her kiddo.  That was until Brad and I blew a fuse in our apartment's fitness center.  Who knew having two treadmills going at a running pace kills the power?!

Brad's highlight my lowlight of the weekend had to be when he scared me as I walked out of the bathroom.  Felt like this guy.  Now there is not video proof or anything, but I might have gotten a little panicky and started to cry, while laughing and cursing at Bradley all at the same time.  Hate when he does that to me. Am I the only one that gets that startled?!

Cheers to the Countdown to Christmas!

<3 BB

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