#Govember Update

Sooooooo it's almost halfway through  #Govember and I figured I would share some lowlights highlights.
When it comes to my workouts I try to maintain a good balance of cardio and strength training.  Whether that be with running, elliptical, body weight exercises, or actual weights, I like to mix up what I am doing so I never get bored.


Here are a few of my favorite workouts I have done so far this month.

Brad and I did this one last night at home, since it it did not require any extra gadgets.

Found here

We were Brad was feeling really adventurous and decided to double the workout and added an additional exercise of bent over dumbbell flies.  The workout took me about 26 mins. I split mine up by doing 2 sets of 10-->1, whereas Brad went 10-->1 and then back up 1-->10.  I, personally, like to get the worst out of the way, so I opted not to count back up. I'm lazy like that. 

Now I have mentioned before, that I am not a hardcore Crossfitter, but I do enjoy some of their workouts and like to incorporate them with other things I am doing.

Here is another Crossfit workout I have done during #Govember.  It's the workout they call Fran. She is kind of a BZ.  This video gives you a little taste of what it is and not many people would call her fun. I used a 65lbs bar for the thrusters and am happy to say I have knocked off over a min and 20 secs from my time since the last attempt a few months ago.  7:02 is by no means fast in the world of Crossfit, but I am not complaining since I do not follow the sport like a religion.

The last workout I wanted to share is hard and I hate it, but Brad loves it, so I find myself doing it more often than I would care to.

Here is the rundown.

::Grab a deck of cards
::Assign each suit a movement: (you can assign whatever you'd like, but here is one we often use)
    -Hearts: burpees - Brad says hearts always have to be burpees, because it's all heart to get through them. Then he pounds his chest and gets all into it and I proceed to laugh at him... Have I mentioned he is a nerd? :)
    -Diamonds: squats
    -Clubs: dumbbell punches
    -Spades: situps
    -Jokers: Man-Makers  (for the jokers - since there are only 2, we make them a harder exercise and do it 20 times)
::Each card you draw is the number of times you'll do the exercise.  King =13, Queen = 12, Jack = 11, 10 = 10 and so on down the line.
::Example:  Draw King of Hearts - do 13 burpees, no rest between cards, draw again 7 of Spades - do 7 situps and so on... Simple! Until you realize by the time you have finished the deck you have done each movement 91 times. UGH! Plus the 40 Jokers and let me tell you, Man-Makers are no joke.

My finished product looked like this:


For today's workout I have to get a lunch run in since I am getting my hair did after work! let's hope the rain holds off !

Cheers to #Govember!

<33 BB