So, I think I found a new hair stylist, that is if Emmanuel at One Creativity & Designs will take me back after yesterday.  See I have this problem, when I am in unfamiliar situations, have to talk about myself or anytime I am anxious or nervous I get flustered really easily.  I am a sweater, on top of red splotches that creep up my chest, neck, and all up on my jaw line.  

I know what you're thinking, how could this girl ever get embarrassed?!

Last night was a prime example.  Here's what happened: it was cold out yesterday and I was bundled up for the few blocks I had to walk to the salon, but then I got in the salon and it was warm.  Emmanuel gets me in the chair and we start immediately talking about my hair, this is where I start to get a little nervous about being the center of attention / hot from my power walk and begin to sweat (surprise, surprise).  Of course this gets me self conscious.  I start thinking to myself please don't sweat, please don't sweat.  I don't listen to myself and start to sweat.  Naturally, I proceed to get more nervous that I am going to have brow sweat or something embarrassing like that - this guy isn't going to want to touch my hair, he is going to think I am gross, blah blah blah, now the splotches hit.  I start stripping off layers, seeya cute cardi and scarf and notice my chest is bright red, we'll just button that top button right up.

Ok, Brooke, chill out.  Get it together woman. Now here is my problem, once the red splotches start I can feel the heat radiating from my body, I can literally tell they are slowly crawling their way up to my face, so I get even more self-conscious about it.  It's a real thing too, guys.  I googled it.  I am not the only huge struggle out there. I have had this problem since middle school, I remember my ears would get horribly red when I would have to give speeches or read out loud.  And even though I am no longer an awkward teenager, the awkwardness has decided to stick around.

True story, I even plan my outfits around whether or not I think I will get nervous and splotchy that day.  Any interview I have ever had, I make sure to wear button up shirts that will cover most of my chest and neck.  Scarves have become one of my bests friends, pathetic, but true.  I am just glad scarves are in style these days!

Luckily, I finally pulled myself together and got through the haircut and style, but don't worry, I started sweating again when he dried my hair.  Am I the only one that sweats when they get their hair dried?! Emmanuel did a great job and has a plan to get my hair healthy again and working on bringing more low lights and my natural color back to make everything blend better! Woohoo!  He even got all science-y on me and made an oil concoction that I am supposed to use weekly to get my hair hydrated again.

This pic does not do his work justice.  Also, you can call me a hypocrite for doing that smile.

Anyways, that was my confession of the day! Is anyone else on Team Struggle with me or am I the MVP?

Cheers to Splotches?!

<3 BB

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