Does This Make Me A Cheater?

So....Confession.  I am getting my hair done this week and it isn't by my normal stylist.  Brad says it makes me a Stylist Cheater and he is probably right he also supported me saving money, so I am confused by his reaction.  I have been going to the same gal for about a year now and she is super sweet and I have liked what she has done with my hair each time, but yesterday I gave in and bought a Groupon for a new place.

Honestly, though can you really blame me?!  Highlights and a cut are super, unnecessarily expensive these days.  Broke girl's gotta do, what a broke girl's gotta do.  

I know this probably makes me a bad person in the land of hair care, but I just couldn't turn it down.  I am going to a place called One Creativity & Design and it has received good reviews on Yelp. Plus, they are receiving extra points in my book, because I had purchased a Groupon deal that had to be used by 8pm on Sunday or you get a refund.  Well, the salon was full when I called on Sunday, BUT they said they would still honor my deal later this week.  Sounds like good business practice / customer service, if you ask me.

And I know I should feel bad about not giving my business to the other gal, but when it costs $100.00+ to do my hair and I can pay $50 for $100 worth of hairdid, I am going to cheat.

Blame it on the terrorists or the crappy economy, or dare I say it, Christmas time! Either way, this girl is saving 50 dollars and that is 50 dollars I can put to good use!

Which leads me to my next more important question: what do I want my color to look like?!

Do I want to go blonde-blonde or mix in a little bit of a low-light for the winter months (then I can go longer without getting a touch up!) Saving money like a boss. 

Here are some of the options I am looking at:

This combo would let me buy more time in between hairdids!   

Since Cameron is my girl crush, I could rock her high and low/lights.  

This schmedium blonde might be a great choice.

Super blonde in top knot form. 

Decisions, decisions! 

Cheers to hairdids! 

<3 BB 


**me** said...

I'm a bit of a "Stylist Cheater" myself :/ But yeah, definitely gotta do whatcha gotta do - exact reason I do it $$$!

I too am thinking about those color choices which is what led me to this post of yours. After seeing all the pics you posted I think I'm digging the second-to-last one, the schmedium blonde. How did it turn out (assuming you've gotten it done since this post)??

blsmith6 said...

I went with the schmedium to keep the my natural darker blonde around too. It turned out well, but the new guys was definitely not impressed by the shape my hair was in.

**me** said...

Oh cool, I think Ima do the same AND SOON. Do you think it was in bad shape? Haha, I hate that feeling they give you when hair stylist ask you "what hair products do you use?!?".. I'm scared to say John Frieda or Herbal Essence - Woah, not salon shampoos!? lol