hitting the links :: 11.9.12

Happy, happy Friday!   Mine is extra special, because my parents are coming up for the weekend :)  To honor the special occasion here are some links...

Ellen would be proud of this guy.

Might have changed my work computer background to this.

Speaking of Ellen, I love her.

Not sure if you are all aware, but they are doing a spin off of Boy Meets World. (GET EXCITED!).  So with that being said, I bring you the 13 Most Important life lessons from Mr. Feeny.

I want to be this little girl when I grow up.

Since it's not always fun and games, here is an education piece on the Fiscal Cliff.

Because I know you're really curious about my coffee habits.  I bought a new flavor.  Kind of digging it.

This pretty much sums up the joys of living with your main-squeeze.

Now thanks to my boss-man I am going to enjoy some FREEEEEE Jimmy John's! Be jelly.

Cheers to the weekend!

<3 BB

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