Happy Birthday, Ceester!

My sister informed me that she only reads my blog when the entire post is dedicated to her, so hopefully this post will not anger my awesome Aunt Sue who shares the same birthday, especially since her's came first. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUNT SUE!!!! Excited for your party this weekend!

Anyway, back to my sister.  It's her birthday today.  She is the bebe of the family, but is turning 17, which makes me feel reallllllllly old.  Now as much as I love both of my brothers dearly, there is just something about a ceester-ceester bond.  (I am sure they would tell you the same thing when it came to being brothers? Probably not, but let's pretend for sake of argument.)  I am super fortunate to have a close family that enjoys spending time together and have also benefited from the fact that my little sister lives with my Grandparents (15 mins away from my apartment) during the school year, so I get to see her A LOT! ( Sorry sister, I'm not going anywhere, you're stuck with me)  I know my parents miss her tons, but I definitely enjoy the perks of her being in the big city with me.

Even though we are 7 years apart we are super close and I hope that I have been good role model for her or something equally as cheesy.... But no really, I love her and I hope she has a wonderful birthday!!!!! Although it wont be complete until she sees me this evening - ultimate birthday present = seeing this beautiful face >> 

We're so pritay

She may be 17, but she still dominates on the playground.

She obvs gets her good looks from me and not our parents. 

Lastly, I got you this birthday song:

Happy birthday, favorite only sister!

<3 Your favorite Ceester!

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