Gift Guide for the FitFluential

Brad and I got a great / quick circuit workout in last night, which was supposed to feature a jump rope portion.  Neither of us own a jump rope and improvised, but Brad commented on how he should put that on his gift list. This got me to thinking what items I would put on my wish list when it comes to the fitness side of life. Plus, when it comes to workout gear and accessories, I tend to not ever feel guilty about these purchases, because they are bettering my health, mind, and body!!!  

Nike Sweatshirt: Gotta stay warm and cute to and from the gym, this sweatshirt does just that.

Nike Lunar Glides +4 Shield: The added shield protection makes these shoes water resistant, which is perfect for anyone running in the NDub (aka Northwest).  Plus, the Lunar Glides come in both men's and women's styles.

Nike Relay Running Capris: You can never have enough running tights. The end.

Jump Rope: Jump roping is not just for children.  You can get a solid cardio workout with a good jump rope.

FlipBelt: The flip belt might be one of the smartest ideas to come through the fitness world in a while, especially for outdoor running.  It lets you hide your valuables securely so they aren't bouncing around in your pocket or sports bra

Smart Touch Running Gloves:  More or less a necessity during the winter months, when it's freezing, but you still want to be able to change your tunes.

Wang Buds: Speaking of tunes, headphones are a great gift, at least for me, because I tend to always break my headphones, but hate spending money on them.

Nike Fuel Band:  I know I posted this in my Tech Savvy gift guide, but it's just that cool.  It is definitely on my wish list...Either that or I will steal the Boy's (Which is sounding like a cheaper alternative for all parties involved)

PS: Here is the workout we did last night if you're feeling strong! 

For time: (with a 35min cut off)

50 x double unders* --- we substituted tuck jumps**, because we did not have a Jump Rope. Rest 1 minute

50 x sit ups
Rest 2 minutes
50 x pull ups
Rest 3 minutes
50 x push ups
Rest 4 minutes
50 x squats
rest 5 minutes
50 x burpees

*here is what a double under is.
** here is what a tuck jump is.

Including the rest time, Brad finished the workout in 24:31 and I finished in 28:35.  The burpees at the end were the hardest part for sure.

Cheers to Giving the Gift of Fitness!

<3 BB

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Erica said...

I just got that grey sweatshirt number :) Although it's more a pj piece/lounge around the house for me then workout gear! Great list! I'll take one of everything.