Gift Guide for the Tech Savvy

Most people these days have some sort of cool tech gadget - whether it be a smartphone, iPad, or nice camera.  Here are a few of my favorite tech items and accessories that range in dollar amounts to fit any gift giving budget!

Nike Fuel Band:  Keep track of your workouts and fuel points all the time.  Brad has this Fuel Band and it definitely helps keep him motivated to beat his set daily fuel points goal.

Sling Shooter: This might be the perfect camera strap.  It goes from a secure cinch to a flexible shooter in one move.  Plus they have designs for both men and women!

iPhone Case: Society 6, hands down, has the best iPhone case options around.  It has hard to pick a favorite, which is why this would make a great gift.  Then someone could pick out a new case for me, so I wouldn't have to make a decision!

Power Mate Plus:  Is an on the go backup iPhone battery for when your phone dies at the most inconvenient time.  The polk-a-dots are super adorable, but J. Crew also offers manly options too!

Une Bonbine:  Is it a phone cable?! Is it a tripod?! Wait for it... it's both!!! I am just in awe of this item.  Want and double want.

What items are you asking for / eyeing on the tech side of things?!

Cheers to Giving!

<3 BB


Helene said...

this is a great list! I have been needing some fun tech savvy gifts for my list! thanks for sharing!
Helene in Between

blsmith6 said...

Thanks, Helene! I like to assume that everything I want, other people also want. Not sure if that is actually how it works or not ;)