Christmas Cookies!

Does anyone else feel like they were slapped in the face with Christmas and it is now gone all too soon?  I am sad it is over already, but had a wonderful Holiday that was spent with family.  We opened presents, went to Midnight Mass, and ate wayyyyy too many of these cookies...

  Swedish Cream Wafers. YUM. 

Now, I would like to pretend that this Swedish Cream Wafer recipe has been passed down for generations and generations in just our family only, but after a quick Google search, it looks like that is not the case (insert sad face).  Either way, this is probably the world's most perfect cookie that has been made every Christmas.

I mean, what more can you ask for, really? 

Perfect Frosting: check 
Pie like cookie: check 
Sandwich form: check 
Melt in your mouth delicious: check 

Our tradition is to bake the cookies a day or two early to make sure they get a chance to cool over night and  then frost them on Christmas Eve while we wait to go to church. 

Make that dough roll.  

cookie avalanche.  

 I tried to sneak in as many pictures as possible to make it look like I did something other than just eat the cookies. Mom informed me I had poor frosting form, because I was holding the knife wrong and did not add enough frosting for her taste.

Totally posing.  

The highlight of this year's cookie making was the addition of Winter Blue frosting. Normally we just go for the red and green, but I have to say the blue might have stolen the show. 

There are still plenty of leftover cookies at Grandma's, so stop by to steal some and say hi and maybe she'll share! 

Cheers to Christmas Cookies! 

<3 BB 

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