Home Alone...

...And I am not talking about the Christmas Movie.  Brad has been gone for the past 6 days celebrating the Holidays with his family in Indiana which has lead me to fend for myself in the apartment. (By that I mean, I left for a few of the nights and stayed with family or had my sister stay with me.)

I finally had to give in and stay alone on Christmas night, because I had work bright and early yesterday.  Now, I am not sure if many of you know this about me, but I am kind of a huge baby.  I always have been.  I hate scary movies and TV shows, I hide behind pillows, and they ALWAYS give me nightmares.  Plus, I panic, laugh, and cry all at the same time when I get startled.

So, it is really no surprise that I have never lived alone and don't like staying alone either.  Anytime I am forced to stay alone I am fine until right before bedtime.  I always get myself really worked up right before bed and create a scene from Criminal Minds as I start to fall asleep. Makes for a great night's sleep.  You should try it sometime, really!

My logic as a child was to pack as many pillows around me, so the bad guy would maybe not even realize I was in the bed.  Evidently that hasn't changed, because with Brad gone I currently have 7 pillows on the bed (not even exaggerating that number).

I'd like to think my bed looks like this:

but I wake up and it looks a lot more like this:

The best investment one of my college roommates and I ever made was purchasing L-Shaped Body Pillows similar to this from QVC:

I don't think they sell them any more, but I did find close alternatives on Amazon. It is the perfect cuddler and is also big enough to hide you from any intruder.  Win, Win!

Cross you fingers Brad's flight doesn't get canceled with all the bad weather they are having back East, because I don't know if I can handle another night alone in the big scary apartment out in the quiet burbs of Raleigh Hills.

Does anyone else have trouble staying alone or am I just a big scaredy-cat?


<3 BB


Anonymous said...

The bedroom door was open last night and Dan was with me and I was still terrified. Every little sound had me wide-eyed and planning my escape/defense - if his flight gets cancelled we can have a sleepover!

blsmith6 said...

so happy to hear I am not the only one that hates sleeping with the door open! Also, always up for a sleepover :)