Whenever I head home to Glide, I try and take the opportunity to get at least one trail run in while I am there.  This time Brad and I headed a little farther up the North Umpqua than usual to a new footbridge that was recently put in.  The coolest part about the Tioga Bridge is the fact that the company my dad works for, Weekly Bros., Inc. helped put it together.  Previously this section of the trail was not easily accessible unless you planned an overnight walking trip, so the new bridge is super convenient, not to mention - b e a u t i f u l. 

 Plus, it was really rainy this past weekend so the water was extremely high.

The water is usually crystal clear, but because of the excess rain it has taken over half the bank and turned brown. womp, womp. 

The details of this bridge are amazing.

And here is where I tired to get all artistic with my camera. 

The speed and force with which the water was taking these twigs HUGE TREES down stream was incredible.

This is usually a small creek that runs into the river, but the monsoon decided to make it a full on waterfall.  Excess rain will do that to a creek (oh and slowing down the shutter speed on my camera also helps the picture). 

Brad and I ended up running parts of both segments of the NUT because the downpour the night before turned the trail into a river about mile into the Tioga seg. forcing us to backtrack and run the Swiftwater side for a bit.

If you are ever that way, be sure to check out the North Umpqua Trail.  You won't regret it and say hi to my parents and brother too while you're at it :) You won't regret that either.

Cheers to the NUT!

<3 BB


Kait Comiskey said...

pretty! i really want to visit.

blsmith6 said...

visit already. duh.