Welcoming The New Year In Style

So Brad has lived in his the apartment for over a year and I have been there since September.  After a little debate we decided to renew our lease for another 10 months, because we are lazy have enjoyed our location and the apartment.  With the signing of the new lease we figured it was time to give in and buy a dining room table.  We had been putting it off, because we are lazy our dining area is not a large space, but we figured ringing in the New Year was as good excuse as any.

I had been browsing online over the past few weeks, but was hesitant to buy something without seeing what it looked like in person.  Yesterday, I drug Bradley away from the RedZone channel (horrible girlfriend, I know) and we went on a hunt for the perfect table.  We stopped at 3 different places and pulled the trigger at Furniture Connection.  They were having a big end of the year sale, which we definitely benefited from and picked out this little gem.

They gave us the option of waiting for them to bring it to us or running out to their warehouse and picking it up ourselves.  Not sure if Bradley was happy with my decision, but I voted for picking it up and putting it together that day! What can I say, I am impatient sometimes all the time.

Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

The table was the easy part, it was the chairs that were annnnnoying! 

Or maybe I was the annoying one?! Who's to say?

So helpful. 

The finished product! 

I am (and I hope Bradley is too) super happy with our choice.  Originally we thought we wanted an all black table to go with the rest of our furniture, but after a last minute, hot route we picked the multicolored table and think it was the right choice. It adds a little more variation to our living space and gives the room a little more pop, I think.  Plus, as much as I enjoy eating dinner on the couch, in front of the TV, I am going to love having the table, especially for entertaining, like we will be this evening for NYE!  I have already started browsing Pinterest for cute center piece ideas.  Something along the lines of this might just be perfection. 

Happy NYE! 

<3 BB 

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