Fresh Veggie Salsa

For the Super Bowl get-together I attended at Jessi and Dan the Man's place over the weekend I wanted to bring something that was super delicious, but wouldn't make me feel horribly guilty eating, so I decided to make my favorite fresh veggie salsa. I got this recipe from my dear friend's mom back in high school and have been loving it ever since.  I may or may not have lost the actual recipe a long time ago and have kind of just adapted my own version, but it's really not something you can screw up! The original also calls for Cilantro, but since I believe the Devil invented Cilantro I choose not to include it.  

{Here Is What You Need} 

::2-3 Tomatoes:: 
::2 Avocados::
::1 Red Onion::
::2 Green Peppers::
::1 Jalapeno::
::1 Can of Corn::
::1 Can of Black Beans::
::1 Can of Garbanzo Beans:: 

::1-2 tablespoons Olive Oil::
::Dash of Lemon Juice::
::Red Pepper Flakes:: 
::1-2 tablespoons Vinegar:: 
:: Dash of Hot Sauce:: 
::Salt & Pepper::

{What To Do With The Goods} 

First, lay them out all nice and pretty for your viewing pleasure. Maybe make a nice pyramid with everything, you know which items need to be the base, even if they dream to be on top like the other tiny flyers. Wow, I jut went wayyyy too far into detail about that cheer leading joke and I didn't even know what a flyer was until Brad told me. His besties in high school were some of the top cheerleaders in Indiana, so he says. I personally think he was on the team himself, but I have yet to find video proof. 

Anyways, back to the salsa. I like to get the beans and corn out of their cans right away and drain their excess liquid before putting them in the bowl, to keep the salsa from getting mushy later.

Next, chop up all of the veggies (and fruits - don't want the tomatoes and avocados to feel left out!).

Try not to cry while cutting the onions.  There is really no need for the emotional attachment to them. You'll be eating them later anyway.  

You want to try and keep all of the diced goods a consistent, bite-able size.

I also like to throw the tomatoes in the strainer too, to get rid of their excess juice as well.  

If you're like me and love avocado, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if you added 7 to the mix, but then it may be more of a guacamole at that point... but really, who's keeping track?!  

I don't have them pictured, but if you don't want the salsa to be overly spicy, make sure you gut the jalapeno seeds, that is where most of their hotness comes from! Also, not that I know from experience or anything, but make sure you either use gloves or realllllllly wash your hands after you handle jalapenos.  They can do a number to your eyeballs and ruin a good pair of contacts.... Again, not that I know from experience or anything.  I just read it on Google once.  

After you have all the veggies chopped up, throw everything into a big bowl and mix together.  I just use my hands, but I suppose you could also use a big spoon.  

Next, add your Olive Oil, Vinegar, Hot Sauce and Lemon Juice. Now, I just add according to taste and don't usually measure anything.  You want enough OO for a light coating, but you don't want there to be so much that the salsa is sitting in liquid on the bottom.  

Add a dash of Vinegar and Lemon Juice for a nice acidic kick,

For the Hot Sauce I used Tapatio, but Tobasco is also a winner. 

Lastly, add S&P and some Red Pepper flakes and you're ready to enjoy. 

I like to pair the salsa with the greatest chips known to man.. JUANITA'S! They can be found at most grocery stores and they are gluten free! #winning 

Rumor has it, if you keep the avocado seeds in the bowl it helps them from browning.  Not sure if it actually works, but it can't hurt, right?

The best thing about this salsa is it is super versatile   It can be used on it's own as a side salad, in wraps, on a pizza like Brad and I did the other night, you name it - I'll probably try it. Hope you enjoy!!!!

Cheers to Salsa!

<3 BB


Kait Comiskey said...

THAT LOOKS SO GOOD! need to try. i'm having a low-key do nothing weekend and i may add that to my list of fun things to do with myself :)

Anonymous said...

Love Love this recipe. I am so happy you posted and can't wait to make my own. Omnomnomnivore.

Susannah said...

This looks amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. I'll be honest, though, I'm going to add the cilantro. :-)

blsmith6 said...

I suppose I can't be mad at you for that ;)

Elena @ CDACN said...

That looks amazing! Totally pinning this for this summer!

Laura Ann said...

YUM! and you can never go wrong with Juanita's! Best. chips. ever.

Anonymous said...

Looks so tasty!

Kira said...

It looks super good. It really seems like people either love or hate cilantro. No middle ground with that stuff.