Why Brad And I Almost Broke Up Last Night

It was over a very serious matter, too....

So, here's the deal,  right before bed last night Bradley and I were having our usual before bedtime chit chat... nothing out of the ordinary.  Sometime during the conversation Brad used the term 'bamboozled'. I, of course, referenced Friends:

Because really, who doesn't reference Friends at any opportunity that presents itself?! Arguably the best show ever.  Now here is the MAJOR problem that Bradley and I have in our relationship: he has not watched many episodes of the show. So, anytime I reference it (which is quite often) he usually doesn't pick up on it and then I proceed to get mad at him for not taking an interest in the things that make me happy. (Shit, I watch his soccer ALL THE TIME! Is it so hard to watch 10 seasons of the greatest sitcom ever enough times that you can then quote and reference it at a moment's notice.... I think not?!)

Anyways, him not catching my reference is not what lead to the fight and almost break up (although it didn't help).  What escalated things so quickly is the fact that Brad proceeded to call the show 'dated' (He said Seinfeld was dated, too - but that argument will have to wait for another post) .....




Hold the phone......

Dated?! Are you kidding me?! FRIENDS IS TIMELESS!

Their pain in my pain.  Their success is my success. Their humor is classic. I refer to Chandler, Pheebs, and the rest of the gang like I am one of the besties.  That I sit at the coffee shop everyday with them. If Bradley cannot accept my Friends and share my love for them, then I don't know if he and I can continue this thing we call a relationship for much longer. end.of.story.

Besides, I share some of the same OCD traits as Monica and I have always had an extra special love for Chandler - maybe I'll date him instead.  At least he is actually funny cough, cough, Brad.

I mean how is this dated?!

Or this:

Answer: THEY'RE NOT!

Bradley, if you're reading this... you have some making up to do.  Starting with Season 1 - Episode 1.


<3 BB


Tina Kelley said...

It's times like this when I wish I were a lesbian.. simply because I don't think any man can truly appreciate the greatness that is Friends..

My sister and I are total Friends nerds.. we have Scene It Friends and every time we get together we make our husbands play and then we team up and beat their asses :)

Kait Comiskey said...

haha sorry man, i gotta side with Brad on this one. Friends has never been my thing.

Macey Snelson said...

oh my GOD! My bf and I have this same problem! I've gotten him hooked on Big Bang Theory thankfully, but he just hasn't made the time necessary to truly appreciate FRIENDS. Almost every conversation we have elicits a quote, and then I have to painstakingly explain the context. Ugh. He needs to book vacation time and hole up with my DVDs.

Kayla Moothart said...

Friends was ALWAYS on in my sorority in every room! situations between friends will always be the same... not matter what decade!

Beachin Mommy said...

OH MY HEAVENS!!!!! Bradley, I am very disappointed in you.
Brooke, I remember having a viewing party for the final episode. I WAS SO SAD IT WAS OVER, I CRIED!!!!! Yes, cried...THE BEST SHOW EVER! I have still yet to accept that it is over.

Beachin Mommy said...

Just so ya know, this is Sara Beach ;)

Bon Bon said...

haha. Ok, I have to admit, I only dabbled in Friends from time to time. It's totally on my list of shows to watch from start to finish though. I feel like I lost a piece of history! Not that it's history, or dated, or anything like that:-) xoxo

OrangeMew said...

I think this calls for a day or two where you two marathon them together! I admit I'm not much of a TV watcher, but my husband made me watch some shows because they are soooo important to him... probably watching them by myself I wouldn't have done it, but because he was there and we were vegging on the couch in our pjs all weekend and he was talking to me about them, it made it easier on me.

Time to educate him!