Tuesday Tunesday + The Giveaway Winner

First off - We have a winner from my very first giveaway!!!!!!

I used this Random Number Creator to pick the winner. See guys, I don't play favorites! 

Which means the lovely, sleep deprived, new mommy (aka Anne) has a Starbucks gift card coming her way :)  Once I actually get around to buying and sending it. Feel free to send me mean text messages if you don't see it by the end of next week, Annie.

Secondly - of course the day I pack lunchtime run clothes it rains, while yesterday was nice and sunny.  Thanks a lot, Oregon.

Even with the rain and cold today, I got excited when I saw hints of spring.

 I spy with my little eye, Spring. 

And this is my excited to see cherry blossoms even though it's raining and I am running face. 

And now in music news, since it's Tunesday and all: I wanna go to SXSW...one might debate it is the best music and film festival around! Since actually attending the event this year is a no-go, I decided to feature some artists that will be there. Enjoy! Also if you want even more SXSW music, check out this playlist or this list of artists to watch out for.

Wildcat wildcat :: Mr. Quiche
Yeah, he is wearing a cat mask.  Don't ask questions, just enjoy the song.  Maybe dance a bit.

Social Studies :: Terracur 
This video is a little weird, but give it a chance, the song is worth it.  Plus, it definitely covers the whole 'strip away everything to start another life' thing.

Dan Croll :: Compliment Your Soul
Feel free to compliment me and my soul daily, Dan Croll.

James Blake :: Retrograde
This is JB's latest single.  It is definitely token James Blake, but it seems like he has grown up a little since his first album, which is not a bad thing. These lyrics are my fave:
I'll wait/ 
So show me why you're strong/ 
Ignore everybody else/
We're alone now

Bastille :: Pompeil 
This song is quite catchy.  Here is also the Mahogany Session if you're into that acoustic sort of thing. His voice is super lovely.

Kitten :: Cut It Out 
The lead singer of this band is young, like 17 young.  That's impressive.

HAIM :: Forever 
In case you were wondering: it's pronounced /hm/ to rhyme with "rhyme".  Three sisters help make up the majority of the band.  I don't know if I could work that closely with my sibs, but then again we would make horribly sounding music. None of us can sing....

alt-J :: Tessellate
Who knew that the name alt-J was from the delta symbol that is made when you hit alt and j on your keyboard:  . #nerds the more you know. 

ZZ Ward :: Charlie Ain't Home
My fellow Glide, Oregon gal, ZZ Ward, just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

The Lone Bellow :: Tiny Desk Concert
I have blogged about this band a few times, about how they are one of the top bands to watch for 2013 and this TDC shows why!!!!

I could add so many more, but I will stop there. Now just close your eyes and let's pretend we are in Austin together  :) I hear it's sunny there this time of year...


<3 BB


Cre'shea said...

OMGawd y'all so much good music! I love Haim! Alt-J...why you melt my face so hard?

Meagan Shamy said...

I'm shocked to see the tree blooming. There's none near me that are even showing signs of spring!