Where Did My Weekend Go?!

But no really, now that track is in full swing, my free time will be quite limited on the weekends.  Pretty much every Saturday until May is full of track - good news is being out on the track is still one of my favorite places, even if it does make me miss competing! (I will just have to live vicariously through the athletes now).  Add in a high school State Playoff game and a Sunday full of Timber's Soccer and my weekend was gone.  Fun, but gone.

On Saturday Bradley was a trooper and found out how much work it takes for a Willamette Track meet to be successful. I might have signed him up to help out at the meet. He even got to catch chase down javelins.  I am slowly teaching Brad all there is to know when it comes to track and field, which is a nice trade off, since I have the pleasure of learning all there is to know about soccer from him. After we were done in Salem we rushed back to Beaverton to watch my sister's team is their second State Playoff game.  They ended up losing to Westview, but overall had a good season. I know this year has been hard for my sister who tore her ACL right before the start of the season, but I am super proud of her for still being so involved.  Now Brad and I get to be her trainers during the off season and will have her in great shape for her senior year.

She even got to go through warm-ups with them this game. #Progress! 

Sunday started out kind of early. It's almost comical what a person will do for a good seat at the Timbers games when your season tickets are in the Timbers Army - General Admission section.  We knew it would be a packed stadium with it being the season opener, so we wandered down to the stadium around 10:45 and waited in line for a bit to get early entry wristbands.  Wristbands are given out to the first 1,200 people that show up game day morning and gives you a set number in line to get into the stadium later in the day. Plus, they open a gate for people with a wristband a half an hour earlier than the rest of the crowd, so you get first choice in seating. Overall, it was definitely worth showing up early for this game since it was packed, but I am not sure we will be getting wristbands for every game.  

We did get a quick workout in between wristband pickup and the start of the game, which I needed.  Plus, we tried out the downtown LA Fitness which was nice to have a change of scenery for our workout.

{15 rounds}
::5 pull-ups
::10 push-ups
::15 leg exercise (I split mine up between: squats, lunges, box jumps, and spit jumps)

Took me just under 30 mins to finish the 15 rounds and then cooled down with a little cardio after. Quick shower and we were back to the stadium.

Here is the MLS recap of the game last night.  It was goals on goals on goals. The Timbers struggled a bit in the first half, but then came back to end the game in a 3-3 tie.  I am still learning a lot when it comes to soccer since it was never a sport I played - but from what I have taken away from the Timbers in the two games I have watched so far this season is, they are going to score a lot of fun, exciting goals.  We just need to play better defense.  Shoot.. I could even coach soccer at this rate. 

Team Selfie why we wait?! obvi

The sun wanted to be out! 

I want to look bad ass with an axe. 

We also got to sit right behind Alexi Lalas, who used to play professional soccer and now is a ginger broadcaster for ESPN and ABC Sports. 

I stole these last three pictures from the Timbers Facebook page, but they were too awesome not to include. 

This tifo was pretty legit and interactive!  It played off of rainy Portland.  There was a sign that said 'Rain or Shine since 1975' and then there were umbrellas in the first section and our section played the vital role of the rain and we got to throw blue streamers.

Timber Joey is such a boss.  I also think he has lost a little weight since last year. Have you been working out, Joey?! 

Bird's eye view of the crowd that was rocking until long after the match was over.

So yeah, now it's Monday and I am trying to figure out where my weekend went, but won't really have time to find it since this week and weekend are just as busy...


<3 BB


OrangeMew said...

Actually, that Sunday sounds perfect- sure you got to the stadium early to get the wristbands, but then you got to throw in a workout so you are all energized and stretched for rocking it during the Timbers game. I love the atmosphere of the Timbers games and how it really brings all strangers together!

Jenni Bost said...

I miss going to the games! It is not currently in our budget... so, we listened online! Fun fun. I'm sure we will make at least one game this year. LOVE the Timbers!

Susannah said...

Sounds like a super sports weekend. Glad you had a good one! :-)