Hitting the Links :: Happy March

So.many.good.things.happening. I almost can't contain myself:

::FIRST OFF, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO ENTER MY GIVEAWAY! I am announcing the winner on Monday....and don't worry, I am using a random number generator to pick the winner, so it won't be biased - Plus, the more people that enter the giveaway - the less chance Brad has of winning and that is always a good thing ;)

:: It's Friday

:: It's March (which means it's almost Spring time!)

::It's supposed to be over 60 degrees here in PDX today - so warm.

::MARCH MA-MA-MA-MADNESS is almost here!!! ermahgerd cannot wait for March Madness, it may be better than Christmas. 

::Last night I watched the Season Finale of Top Chef - and although I thought it was a really stupid finale (not who they chose for winner, but how they set up the finale itself) I was very happy to see my favorite past winner Michael Voltaggio.  I have missed that smug a-hole.

::I woke up early and got some cardio in.  -- Seriously though, why don't I do this more often?!  I always feel  so much better about my life when I do.

::Rewarded myself with a coffee from Uptown Market.  - It was payday yesterday, so I splurged, ok?!

::Tomorrow is Willamette's first track meet of the season!! Aka my coaching debut for the season! Bearcats, rawr. 

::Sunday Brad and I are headed to the Timbers first official MLS game of the season as season ticket holders.  holla at your gurl

::Lastly, thanks for supporting my Chipotle habit, Ryry.  Might of had it twice this week.

And now for some linksssssss.

What cheap eats in pdx do you want to try?

Anne nailed this one on the head.  Let's put away the electronics. After you finish reading this post of course.

I would break up with Bradley in a heartbeat if he did this to me.

The shelf life of food.

And this is what 200 calories looks like.

Hooray for sports fans.

In this week's My Strange Addiction, if you're lonely, love a stuffed lamb.  Totally not a weird thing at all.

Just in case you weren't in love already, here are 10 more reasons to love Jennifer Lawrence

Happy Friday!!!!

Duces drops mic, walks away

<3 BB

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Adventures in Dressmaking said...

Wow, you are really up on random but interesting internet-ness! ;) That calorie thing is a cool idea. I don't really care about eating 200 calories or not but very cool graphics. Ugh, and I wonder about the electronics, too, all the time... I seem to be more stressed out when I have my phone with me. But, I can't put it down, either...