weekend roundup

These weekends are just flying by and I don't like it.  Let me clarify: I like my weekends, I don't like how fast they leave me.

Friday after worked Brad and I attempted the CrossFit Open 13.5 workout:

It was hard, but I got more reps finished than Brad did so there's that :) Granted, his weight for the thrusters was more, but no one needs to know that. 

The most annoying part of the workout was the fact that my lungs wanted to explode we do not belong to a Crossfit Box (aka gym) and so we have to make do with what is available at our local LA Fitness.  We ended up having to wait like 15 mins after our warm up for the squat rack / pull-up bar which was really annoying.  Almost annoying enough to want to bag the workout... almost.  Nevertheless, we got it done and I finished with a total of 75 reps or 2 full rounds of the 15 thrusters and 15 pull-ups and then another 15 thrusters before the 4 mins was up.  Let me tell ya, my body was sore on Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday, it was spent at Willamette's track, where it rained pretty much all day. I'm talking downpour, didn't stop, sideways at times, annoying rain.  I was there from 9am till almost 7pm and it definitely poured for over half of that time.  I looked like I had just gotten out of the shower by the end of the meet. Needless to say by the time I got back to Portland a hot bath and bed were calling my name.  Brad had gone to the Timbers game with a friend since I couldn't go and he might have found me sitting up in bed, asleep, with the light on, iPad in hand when he got home. Long hair, don't care. 

Don't I look so official with my clip board?! Image from here

My tiredness crept into Sunday, because I woke up at 7:30 wandered out to the couch where Brad was playing FIFA and fell back asleep until 9. It was awesome, until I woke up hungry and we had no food.  After a quick trip to the grocery store we made a breakfast hash. It was glorious.

Can I just say that my sweet potato / yam concoctions are really starting to hit their stride:

{what you need:} 
::1 diced yam
::6 pieces of turkey bacon
::1 avocado
::4 over-easy eggs
::1/2 a green pepper
::1/4 of a red onion
::dash of cinnamon
::dash of garlic powder
::Red pepper flakes
::Black pepper
::finish it off with tapatio hot sauce.

{what you do} 
::Chop up all the veggies and turkey bacon
::Sprinkle with cinnamon, garlic powder, and the red and black pep
::Cook until the yams are soft and the bacon is sizzlin'
::In a separate pan, fry the eggs until they are over-easy (keep those yokes nice and runny)
::Throw the fried eggs on top and break the yokes so all the goodness oozes into the hash.
::Then nom away :)

After a lazy morning, I finally pretended to get my life together and cleaned the apartment, which had been neglected for the past few days.  Speaking of cleaning, does anyone know what makes the Mr. Clean - Magic Erasers so magical?! Do they have cocaine in them or something?! These things don't stop. They are awesome. 

While cleaning, I came to the conclusion that Brad and I have a Nike problem. This photo only represents a portion of our shoe collection.  We need to find a better storage option instead of right in right of the door or get a place with a second bedroom to just store our shoes.... hmm, decisions, decisions. 

Speaking of running shoes, after we cleaned Brad and I met up with my sister for a circuit workout on the track, but I'll share the details of that one later in the week (I know you can't wait!).... 

So yeah, that was more or less my weekend.... how was yours?! 

<3 BB 


Kait Comiskey said...

come be my full-time cook!? k great.

Susannah said...

That breakfast hash looks fabulous! :-)

Sarah @ Will Run for Pasta said...

Too funny, we totally have a shoe problem too! I love sweet potatoes so that looks delicious. I'm way too scared to try CrossFit, maybe someday but right now it's just running (slowly) and yoga :P

blsmith6 said...

Sarah, if you want to get a little more strength training in with your running, Crossfit style circuits and exercises are a great way to do that and it doesn't have to be at their gyms. I just do a lot of their circuit style/body weight workouts and I am a big fan!

Adventures in Dressmaking said...

Ooh, sounds tasty!! And pretty Paleo-friendly, too! Sweet potatoes are the only carb we eat, and we have found they are pretty good with bacon and egg! We made a sweet potato salad once--it was okay but a little too sweet! This sounds delish though!