the truth about..my body

So I am linking up with two fun ladies, Kate and Tami, today and playing a little game called 'the truth about....my body'. Here are the rules, because you always need rules for a game. 

The Rules:
1. Be a dear and follow the host and co-host via GFC or Bloglovin' 
(or both if you're feeling extra kind.)
2. Remember to post the link up button on your blog or in your link up post for everyone to see.
3. Link up to a specific post (not just your main blog url).
4. Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. :)

Also wanted to point out a few other rules: 

-Spill the beans on all your weird body quirks. 
-And they're not talking about the self-depreciating kind.
-As Kate mentionedif it's quirky/unique/funny then share it! This is a link up about peculiarities, not insecurities! Insert Mean Girls Reference: 

Shall we begin?! 

My hair: 
There is a decent amount of it, but it's pretty fine, so it gets greasy real easily and doesn't hold a curl very well.  I am trying really hard to not wash it every day... and am getting much better at it. I finally washed it this morning after 4 - yes, I said FOUR - days of not shampooing it. GO ME! That might be a little gross, but let me tell you, that hair held a curl on the 3rd day. You can usually tell I haven't washed it, by the top knot I often rock on dirty hair days. Looks a little something like this:  

Long hair, don't care

Also, speaking of my hair. I had a dream last night that I went in for a hairdid, just a little trim and the person that cut it did a horrible job. I am talking a cross between the time Phoebe cut Monica's hair and a mullet.

This is how he wears it.

I'm not talking about the fish.

It was a very traumatic dream. I had to check myself out in the mirror when I woke up just to double check it wasn't real life.

My feet:
First let's talk about how I hate feet and can't believe I am posting a picture of mine. Feet in general are just so, ugh, gross.

PS. My tattoo is lyrics from this Brett Dennen song. Also, even though my tattoo uses the term Blessed, I don't trust people who tell me to have a blessed day. They always seem to be the shady type. Maybe I am wrong though?

Anyway, back to my feet, do you see how my toes are a little bit webbed on both feet?! The left is definitely more noticeable than the right. And the answer is, yes, it totally helps me swim faster NOT. my friends like to give me a hard time about it. 

My Man Hands: 
Not even exaggerating. These mitts of mine are HUGE. I am not lying when I say man hands, because often times my hands are larger than guys' hands. 

Nice callus, Brooke. 

Fun Fact: as I was browsing through my iPhone, looking for a pic of my man hands I noticed a running theme of giving thumbs up in my photos.  This theme is actually the opposite of cool. 

Anyways, this post has gotten out of hand (pun intended). I'm out!

<3 BB


Anonymous said...

YES for thumbs up and Yes Yes for dirty hair don't care! See you this weekend!!!

MacKensie said...

Mullet kid is AWESOMEEEEE

Kait Comiskey said...

i love your tattoo and i want one.

Morgan said...

Hahaha I have man hands too! And I think today is my third day without washing my hair. Dirty hair, don't care!

Tami said...

Your hair is AMAZING. Trade with me? I've become an expert at not washing for lots of days. Thanks for linking up, lady!

Kate said...

dude i wash my hair twice a week. maybe. judge the snot out of me. i don't even care. it's not good for it. it helps me style it better. and why the frack did they invent dry shampoo if it's not okay to skip a day or 6 between washes?! thanks for linking up. and for posting all of those awesome thumbs up pictures. keep it up. maybe it will become a thing.

Helene said...

looks to me like you have pretty great thumbs is all... i mean, just saying. and i love your hair, so let's just talk about that. OK?!

Kelsey Eaton said...

Umm yeah I wont even tell you how long I go without washing my hair. Lets just say its not every day, or every other day, or every 3 days...I'll stop there :)

Your hair is gorgeous! Had fun with this link up!!

Megalin said...

I agree with the feet. They creep me out. I even have rules about them haha such a fun link up!

Adriana said...

rocking the non-wached top knot today. Also the thumbs up is my go to.

Kelsey Bang said...

i think your feet are totally cute! you have great toes!