beach bod thursday

Ahh sheeeeet, it's about that time: Beach Body Time.


Kidding, don't panic. You're freaking me out.

Here are some of my favorite workouts that you can do to get ready to rock your favorite one-piece, bikini, or sweat pants all summer long. Not to mention the fact I have another Tough Mudder coming up in just over a month! Mama needs to get in gear.

::First workout on the list is one that I do fairly often, because you can do it anywhere.  No equipment needed, other than a deck of playing cards. 

I have mentioned the deck of cards workout on the blog before, but here is the run down. 

::Grab a deck of cards
::Assign each suit a movement (here is what I often use)
-Hearts = burpees 
-Diamonds = squats
-Clubs = push-ups
-Spades = v-ups
-Jokers: Man-Makers 
::Each card you draw is the number of times you'll do the movement. 
Joker = 20
 -King =13 
-Queen = 12
-Jack = 11
-10 = 10, etc.

::This At-Home Chipper is one I stole borrowed from Carrots 'n' Cake and is also one you can do at home. 

::Next is a Crossfit inspired workout from the Blonde Ponytail

::Do each movement 10 times before moving onto the round of 9.
::If you're feeling really beast mode you can then count back up. Start with 1 of each movement and then head back to 10. 

::Last, we have one that you might need a gym for, unless you keep heavy weights, boxes, and a pull-up bar around your home. 

::5 rounds (as fast as possible):
-10 pull ups
-10 thrusters (70lbs bar)
-15 box jumps

Good luck getting ready for funshine! It's supposed to be in the 80s this weekend here in Portland and if our apartment pool isn't up in running, the complex can expect to see a kiddie pool out my front door. Sorry, not sorry.  Don't forget the sun screen! 


<3 BB 


Helene said...

i just ate a huge bowl of pasta for lunch and now i feel very very guilty.

Adriana said...

haha that's one of my fav ecards. LOVE the deck of cards one! Really tho I'm about to get a snickers from the vending machine.

Kelsey Bang said...

what great tips! i need to try some of these routines out!

Morgan said...

Oh my gosh that deck of cards workout is genius! I've never heard of it but I'm going to have to do it!

Anonymous said...

Nice way to kill it! ;)

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