cinco de derbs

The Kentucky Derby that is. The sporting event with the horses, for those of you who live under a rock. It also happens to fall on the same weekend as Cinco de Mayo this year. Double the fun!! yeyeye! 

So here is the deal, I was not a huge Kentucky Derby fan until I met Bradley. It may even be a stretch to say I am a huge fan now, but I have definitely learned a thing or two when it comes to the Derby since dating Brad.  See, Bradley grew up in Indiana like 15 mins away from Churchill Downs - where they have the races.  He has grown up with the Derby and back home it is a really big deal. As in a week long festival. They even declare Oaks Day, the day before the races aka today, a holiday and schools and businesses close down. Anyway, he tends to get homesick every year around this week and I pretend to get interested so he has someone to share his excitement with.I'm a good girlfriend like that.

Last year we attended an event called Kentucky Derby PDX, but this year we are hosting a little get together at our apartment.  Think BBQ, betting on races, derby themed foods and beverages, etc. With that being said, I figured I would share a few pointers on how to not sound like a neewb when it comes to the Derbs.

::How to pick your winning horse.

The most obvious choice is to look at the odds, check out the horses' past race finishes, blah, blah, blah. If you're actually into picking a horse based on odds go here or here.

But, an even better way to pick your winning horse is based on the following criteria:

::Best Horse Name - we're talking the weirder the better. Whatamichoppedliver (before hashtags were cool) and Walk Of Shame were both horses in past races.

::Best Jockey (aka little man on top of the horse) Jersey - The brighter the jersey, the faster the horse it's science.

::Horse Color (don't get racist on me) - White horses (if you include the colors gray and roan) have only won 8 times. Obviously, bet on those slim odds and win big!

::What to serve at a derby party.

People from Kentuckiana (they really call it that) love their Bourbon, their Derby Pie, and their Mint Juleps. If none of those are your cup of tea, try these desserts instead!

::My Old Kentucky Home is a big deal. It is also the perfect #backthatazzup song for this week, obvi! 


wait for it.... 
wait for it.... it's legendary


Kentucky Derby PDX 2012

Speaking of Big ass hats, here are some ridiculous ones.

Now go forth and #backthatazzup on into this weekend's Kentucky Derby!!!!


<3 BB


Adventures in Dressmaking said...

That's the greatest party idea!! I know nothing about horse racing and derbies but my coworker goes to the races on the Portland track sometimes. Cool that there's a PDX version of the Kentucky Derby! Would be a super fun party to decorate!

Erica said...

Are you actually making any of that food? If so, I def need to stop by :)

Adriana said...

UM I'M IN LOVE with these meme. I'm gonna steal it. I'll credit you obv. Also I plan on floppy hats, cute dress, margaritas and tacos.

Macey Snelson said...

I feel like the ONLY reason I watch the Derby is to feel justified in wearing a ridiculously large hat and dress... and this year I shall be doing so with a Margarita in my hand. WIN!

brooke lyn said...

we are doing part derby part mexican food. and i can't wait! enchiladas get in my mouth!

Kayla Moothart said...

I've always wanted to go to a derby party - mostly for the hat!

Anonymous said...

Sad that I missed your party but definitely happy that I'm seeing you in less than 5 hours! :)

Tallia said...

This looks like a lot of fun! I bet on the name of the horse as well! I won 60 dollars that way! But then I lost 40 again haha


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