tutta bella

When I was in Seattle over the past weekend, we had lunch at a place called Tutta Bella.  It's quite lovely. 

Here is the blurb up on the website: 
Welcome to the Northwest’s first and most celebrated authentic Neapolitan pizzeria. We use the finest imported ingredients and century old artisan traditions to bring the definitive Neapolitan pizza experience to our guests.
Check out their menu here

Naturally, because I am a horrible blogger I forgot to take pictures of the actual pizza that was ordered, but I did snap some others! For pizza we ordered a few different kinds including: the Margherita and the Tutta Bella, (which was my favorite of the pizzas.)

Photo Cred: Brittany

Oh hey, Bruschetta. You're yummy.

The Grad gal and her sister had lemon drops, that looked super sweet and delish.

I didn't get a chance to take a photo of their Napoli salad, but it was awesome. I may have even liked it more than the pizza, which is saying something, because I loved the pizza. 

But my favorite, by far, was the Tiramisu !

Who doesn't love Tiramisu? No really, who doesn't love it? I will change their minds.

Kelley and I were excited to eat.

Brittany, was even more excited.

Roomie love!

If you're in Seattle be sure to check out Tutta Bella. They a few different locations and it is worth the trip.

Cheers to the Tutta!

<3 BB


Anonymous said...

All of you look so adorable, and the food is unfortunately appealing for 7:48 in the morning - hungry for lunch already!

Venus Trapped In Mars said...

Um. I've never had tiramisu. Is that weird?

Morgan said...

I've never had tiramisu either! But I love pizza, I could probably eat it everyday and not get tired of it!

OrangeMew said...

I want a lemon drop for lunch too!

Helene said...

yummm that bruschetta...omg.

Tami said...

oh geez I need pizza now. There is a dominos less than a mile from my house (kind of blasphemy to this tutta bella place but beggars can't be choosers)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE tutta bella! Glad you liked it...give Seattle a kiss for me!