tunesday - cali edition

So, I am not sure what is so special about this Cali girl that everyone writes songs about, but I figured I should share them for Tunesday since I am going to visit her this week. Oh, and right now, the weather is calling for a high of 66 when we're down there. I can get that weather back in Oregon.  Better step up your game Cali, cause this girl just bought a new bathing suit and she plans to wear it.

Let's begin, shall we?! 

Ron Pope :: Come To California
I'll come to California for you, Ron.

Coconut Records :: West Coast
Now technically, this doesn't specifically talk about Cali, but one can only assume they are referring to her when they say West Coast.

Death Cab For Cutie :: 405 (acoustic)
Another Death Cab song that makes you want to cry, weird. - said no one, ever

Kings of Leon :: California Waiting 
Old school Kings of Leon is way better than any of their new stuff.

Vampire Weekend :: California English 
Do we even know what they're saying in half of this song?

Jack's Mannequin :: Miss California 
I mean, Jack's Mannequin actually references Cali as a female in this song. So there's that.

Led Zeppelin :: Going To California
Probably one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs.

Phantom Planter :: California
Team Seth all the way.


<3 BB 


Morgan said...

Oh I'm super jealous you're going to California! I've always wanted to go!

Kate said...

have lots and lots of fun with miss california. i'll be visiting her in June. and seriously, ron pope. i can't even. who wouldn't go to california after that?

Fit With Flash said...

Where are you going in Cali? I'm headed to San Diego (where I used to live) from Saturday - Thursday! : ) Safe trip!
And I hear ya, I plan on getting a TAN, so that ish needs to kick it in gear right NOW.

Katelyn said...

Have a fun trip! I've always wanted to go to Cali!

Kristen said...

Jealous you're going to Cali!! & you're right, there are a TON of songs that talk about Cali girls! haha

Nini Kat said...

I love the Coconut records song :) And yeah, I'm gonna need some songs about Texas or Oregon girls. I'm looking at the Beach Boys right now.