tuesday tunesday :: 6.11.13

Hey. Hi. Hello.

I have a nice little mix on the docket for you today. Speaking of mixes, thinking about changing up Tuesday chill the eff out people, it's not leaving forever, just a different format, maybe. Would you guys like Tuesday better in a playlist format?  Thinking about using Spotify or something similar to just make playlists for you, but don't want to ruin everything you love about Tunesday ;) Let me know your thoughts, dreams, and aspirations.

Anyway, here are the tunes for this week. Enjoy, because I know I have been.

Damien Jurado :: Working Titles 
Is there anything better than a KEXP version of a song? Didn't think so...

Flume feat Anthony of Cleopatra :: Sleepless
chilled to the max.

Chvrches :: The Mother We Share
Right now, Chvrches can do no wrong in my eyes. Can't get enough of their stuff.

Lorde :: Royals
I have posted this song before, but I love it too much and I think it's about to blow up so I wanted to share it again. #sorrynotsorry

Joy Kills Sorrow :: Wouldn't Have Noticed
This band features a lot of banjo, that's how you know they're good.

The Shouting Matches :: Gallup, NM
Bon Iver's side project and I don't hate it.


<3 BB


Tori G said...

Never heard of these songs before! Going to have to take a listen!

Lizzie D said...

Thanks for these suggestions... been needing to update my playlist!

Rachael @ Lobster Lovefest said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Bon Iver! I think a Spotify playlist would be awesome!