yup, it's time to #backthatazzup

Oh hey everyone,

Happy Freaking Friday!

Last night Brad and I took a night off from the gym and we headed on down to one of my favorite breweries, Lucky Lab, to meet up with our friends Justine and TylerLucky was helping kick off Portland Beer Week, which of course I will support. For the kickoff party you paid 10 dolla, got a pint glass to take home and 5 tokens.  I ended up giving some of my tokens away, because I had a headache and didn't want to make it worse, but we made our money back by taking home 4 glasses that no one was claiming.  WINNING!

And this is what I am left with when I ask Brad to take a picture of us girls.

You so pritay, Brad. 

Anyways, I am up to some surprises this weekend, but you will have to wait until Monday to hear about them.  Until then, I will leave you with these fun links. 

75 things you don't know about women.

Which depressed sports fan are you? Brad is definitely a 16. I am more of a number 2 kind of gal.

100 tips about life.

How to meet a guy at the gym.

Do you have a bitchy resting face?

Y'all or You All?

And probably my favorite link of the week: Blogger Problems.

In honor of my dad's birthday this weekend, we're going to play one of his favorite R&B songs, because yes, my dad purchased CDs like Blackstreet back in the day.  He is cooler than you are.

No diggity. No doubt.

<3 BB

PS. Pray for me, the US Men's National Team has a World Cup Qualifier game tonight and Brad gets real antsy during them. Think patriotic and winning thoughts for me, please. I beg of you.


kailyn marie said...

Ahhh Brad, yes, you and my all my guys friends do the same thing.

I'm definitely a #2 on the depressed fan nonsense as well. Haha, my dad is a #11 for sure. He yells at the TV constantly during Padres games, haha. I'm not there for football games, because I'm usually at the game, so I'm not sure how he reacts to that, haha.

Rachael @ Lobster Lovefest said...

haha I would have done the same thing with the glasses! And I totally have a bitchy resting face...merp :/

Rachel Sedaker said...

Bitchy resting face- it's a real problem.

kirkus said...

No diggity! No doubt!

Helene said...

no lie this is one of my fave songs ever. EVER

Nini Kat said...

shorty get down good lord!!

No picture of the glasses? I shouldve visited pdx on beer week.....

Tori G said...

I love the links!!! And know way too many people who have bitchy resting face.... Not sure if I do though! Happy birthday to your dad!!

Lauren said...

Ha! Love the sports link. My husband is definitely the guy who can't watch games in public. I leave him home during football season and I go enjoy games with friends!

❤ Meghan said...

happy friday! :)

JumpingJE said...

I love the betches link, betch!

Leah said...

We out... We out!

The blogger list is spot on!

Leah said...

We out... We out!

The blogger list is spot on!

Kwok Wai Wu said...

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Suzannah Hamlin Stanley said...

Aaugh, I sooo want to check out the Blogger Problems link but Tumblr is blocked on my work computer! BOOOO. Will have to visit it some other time!