tuesday tunesday :: contact high

Hello my favorite people, yes, you of the interwebs, 
How are we doing this morning midday, afternoon, etc.?! Today I would like to introduce you to my buddy Allen Stone.  Ok, so we aren't technically buddies, but I  have seen him live multiple times, including this past weekend at the Blues Fest.
Plus, I did get a photo with him once. 


Anyway, me going Fan Girl is not the point. The guy is kind of an oddball, but in the best way possible. He has some fantastic music, often with some great lyrics that go a little deeper than most music that is out there today.....Which brings me to today's Tunesday pick I have for you.  it's just one song today, but I want to talk about it a little bit. The song is called Contact High and no it's not about smoking weed, so don't get too excited. 
Are you looking for peace of mind?
You won't find it in your status line,
What are you trying to prove?
Whose mountain are you trying to move?

Take a quick listen to this interview on why he wrote the song, then we can discuss.

Now before you start throwing glasses of wine at me and call me a hypocrite, or whatever it is you bloggers do when you're upset, hear me out. I understand the irony in my post and having a blog in general.  

Buttttttt....Listening to this song makes me realize that I need to be better about investing in the moments that are currently happening, as opposed to trying to make a moment with my social media. Even this weekend for instance, I had just climbed to the top of a mountain with Brad that had beautiful views and you couldn't help but have a moment and be in awe up there and there I was trying to get enough service to post a photo on instagram Granted the photo turned out legit, but that's neither here nor there.  Chill the eff out, Brooke. There is such thing as a #latergram.  My point, and Allen's point too, I think, is it's one thing to be involved with social media, but it's a whole other thing to consume yourself with people that aren't even present at the time.  

During his live performance on Friday he flat out said, please put away your phones for the rest of the show and make a moment with the people that are here.  So that is my challenge to you. Let's put our phones down a little more often, let's step away from the computer once in a while. Yes it's one thing to get a photo for the blog post, but don't sit on twitter the entire time you're out on a blate (blogger date) or night out with friends. It's rude and you should stay home if you think the internet is more interesting than your real life friends although depending on your friends, the internet might be cooler

Drops mic, walks away. 

<3 BB


Kait Comiskey said...

love this. we need more phoneless moments.

Anonymous said...

booo I cant watch the video at work! Will have to check it out when I get home!

Helene in Between said...

umm yes y'all are buds! hello. and totally agree about living in the moment!!

Aubrie said...

I couldn't agree more. Being a photographer I am suppose to be on top of the social media scene and posting to Instagram non-stop. I don't want to miss the real moments that are happening with real people though. I try with Instagram to take a quick shot and then I will go back later to do the editing and posting. It seems to fill the need I have to take a photo (it's in my blood) and not to be too rude to the people I am with. :) Thanks for sharing the interview/song.

kailyn marie said...

love this! we should just leave all phones in the purse on silent so we aren't rushing to answer a text. sometimes i do it, and other times i don't joey's on his phone constantly, like, wtf mate!?

Katie said...

i always try to be better now about putting away my phone during live shows. such a good point! during pearl jam shows eddie even yells at people for screaming :)

Rachel Sedaker said...

Thank you for introducing me to this awesome musician! Wish I could have seen him live. I think it's good to find the balance with phone use- I always keep it put away when spending time with folks, but I do pull it out on occasion for pictures. I think of Instagram as a way for me to share with people who are not present, because I like to stay connected to people I care about. It also makes for good conversation when we see each other in person.

Morgan said...

This is all so true! I can't stand when I'm out to dinner with people and the whole time they're on their phones instead of having a real conversation in front of them! I try not to take my phone out during dinner, etc, not only because it's rude but also because when dinner is over those posts will still be there! #latergram for the win!

MacKensie said...

ahhh you're amazing. I have had this struggle so many times. I have seriously limited myself to one semi-visible pic and no more recordings (I never listen again!) at a concert and most recently, fireworks. They never actually look good (granted I had a 10 year old insisting I TAKE PHOTOS OF THE FINALE) and real life is SO much better. I like this dude. Diggin the song.

Lauren said...

I've seen the Lumineers and Mumford and Sons in concert recently and both acts implored people to put down their phones... And few people listened. It was kind of a bummer because you know they're all sick of cameras all the time. I try to be much more conscious now!

Bonnie said...


JumpingJE said...

But when you do have your phone out, call me betch! I'll stop working and we can hang #scoutshonor