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Bought a new book last night guys! It's an Oprah Book Club pick, it's based on a true story, and has portions in Oregon. Win, Win, Win, as Michael Scott would say. 

I am excited to  dive into Wild, by Cheryl Strayed . I have only ready the first chapter, but so far, so good. 
From the book's website: "At twenty-two, Cheryl Strayed thought she had lost everything. In the wake of her mother’s death, her family scattered and her own marriage was soon destroyed. Four years later, with nothing more to lose, she made the most impulsive decision of her life. With no experience or training, driven only by blind will, she would hike more than a thousand miles of the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mojave Desert through California and Oregon to Washington State—and she would do it alone. Told with suspense and style, sparkling with warmth and humor, Wild powerfully captures the terrors and pleasures of one young woman forging ahead against all odds on a journey that maddened, strengthened, and ultimately healed her."
Anyway, as I was browsing Songza for a good bedtime reading station, I  started to think about what makes for a good song to listen to when you're reading.  It has to be soft background noise, not overbearing, beautiful melodies that just blend into moment, etc. So then, I decided to put together my playlist of great music to read to .... or if you're like me start to read, but then nap to. The playlist is also great for work if you're one of those people that can't have too much going on or they easily get distracted! (Not that I get distracted easily or anything...oh something with glitter!) 

So without further ado. 

The Civil Wars :: Poison & Wine
Whyyyyy must you be breaking up. Make it stop you two. You're like a mom and dad getting a divorce.
Ron Pope :: 65 More Years
God, I love Ron Pope. This song is so sappy and perfect.
Joshua Radin :: Winter
His first album is still his best album, hands down. 
Jason Mraz ::After An Afternoon
One of his more underrated songs I think. 
Birdy :: Skinny Love
Great rendition of Bon Iver's Skinny Love
The Avett Brothers :: January Wedding
One of their less known songs, but one of my favorites. 
Lew Watson :: Sink Or Swim 
Just can't stop listening to this youngin' 
The Staves :: Mexico
The Staves make some beautiful music. This is one of those songs. 
Sara Bareilles :: Gravity 
Hands down my favorite Sara B song, which is saying something. Love her. 
Green River Ordinance :: Dancing Shoes 
This song just makes a person happy, and if it doesn't make you happy. Then you have a black heart.
Daughter :: Candles 
love these lyrics: Just a young heart confusing my mind, but we're both in silence
The Lone Bellow :: Two Sides Of Lonely
This folk group is starting to blow up and it makes me happy :) 
Houndmouth :: Houston Train
Speaking of bands blowing up. This is Brad's friend's band. They are awesome. 
Deer Tick :: These Old Shoes
The lyrics. Fantastic. Doesn't everyone want to be loved this much?! 
The Paper Kites :: Featherstone
Every time I hear this song or see the video, I feel like I am in Where The Wild Things Are
The Lumineers :: Slow It Down
The best Lumineers song in my humble opinion. 
Bejnamin Francis Leftwich :: Pictures 
Beautiful voice. Beautiful song. 
Alexi Murdoch :: Orange Sky 
The OC Soundtrack anyone?! Not that I found this song there when I originally bought that CD or anything...

Happy reading! Or Napping! Or Working! Or whatever it is you'll do while listening to this play list :) 


<3 BB 


Cre'shea said...

Great book, read it a few months ago!

Helene in Between said...

loving this song list, i needed some avett bros in my life

Lauren said...

Ooh some of my favorites. I do love that Mraz song.

Kasey Lynne said...

Gravity is one of my favorite songs by her AND to belt in the shower.

You can never go wrong with The Civil Wars, imo.

Adding that book to my Goodreads list. Thanks for expanding my books to read list. :)

Katie said...

wait. the civil wars are breaking up? didnt they just release a cd??? no!

breathedeeplyandsmile said...

I love the lumineers, deer tick, and the avett brothers! Wild is on my to-read list too!

Chandler said...

We seriously have the same taste in music and I love it! I love to read all your Tuesday posts just to see what music you list :)

Jill J @ Classy with a Kick said...

After an Afternoon = best song ever. I actually walked down the aisle to that song...crazy huh?? I love that you listen to it. It's so underrated! I am excited to listen to the others. I need new music!

Classy with a Kick

Kalyn V said...

I'm soooo soo sad about the Civil Wars breaking up!

Question, and it's probably really silly and easy to figure out on my own, but can you download spotify to your phone and make playlists to listen to for a run or something?

Anna Sinclair said...

Reading playlist... love it!!

adventurerintraining said...

I enjoyed Wild. I loved how honest and open she was about her life experiences. I hope you enjoy it, too! I also love, love, love Jason Mraz. Unfold is also a good one.

bekswhoknits said...

this is a cracking playlist.

I love seeing what other people listen to.

MacKensie said...


Tami said...

Ugh, I wish I could listen to music and read! But I just can't concentrate. Nap playlist though? That I can get down on.

Kait said...

i feel like our music tastes are slowly aligning a little bit, and i like it.

Carrie Hurd said...

loved the book - made me laugh and cry and (for a hot sec) even want to go on an awesome wilderness adventure all alone. hope you enjoy it! great playlist too, thanks!

Rachael Claire said...

I seriously think we are musical twins. Have you ever heard of j.roddy watson and the business?? If not check them out! I'm pretty sure you will love them!

Jennifer Fulford said...

can't go wrong with cheryl and civil.

BeccaReading said...

This is a fabulous book! I read it earlier on in the summer. It made me want to conquer some of my own challenges. It's really a good book to make you realize how much you have to live for.