songs that define me

So when I first saw Helene's link-up for songs that define me, I got a little too excited. I thought to myself, gee self, two music posts in one week, sweet! ...but then I remembered I hate having to pick my favorites or pick songs that define me. That 'ish is hard to define! I have a lot of layers, like an onion. Either way, I was going to take a stab at this. I probably put way too many on this list so sue me.

Trevor Hall :: The Lime Tree 
Oh boy, this song will always have a special place in my heart. When I was in college I worked in Alaska every summer at a fishing lodge with some of my best friends. This song was pretty much our AK Anthem. 
Citizen Cope :: Sideways 
You know how there are just certain songs that just get you. Sideways is a song that just gets me and it will always be there for me. 
Sara Bareilles :: Gravity 
My love affair with Sara B. really started when I heard this song. Plus, it was always a go to when I was trying to get over boys. Funny how music will often taken you back to relationships too. 
Ron Pope :: Our Song 
Speaking of boys, Brad was the one who introduced me to Ron P. when I was in college and I am very thankful for that :) 
The Avett Brothers :: I And Love And You 
I mean, it's Avett Bros. and it mentions me, Brooke Lyn, how does this song NOT define me. 
Sufjan Stevens :: Chicago 
Sujan is a crazy guy, but I just feel at peace and back in college when I listen to him. 
Ray LaMontagne :: Shelter 
Ray is one of my favorite singer/song writers. And he sings to my hear when it gets sappy and romantic on occasion. 
Amos Lee :: Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight 
I'm in love with a girl,
Who's in love with the world,
Though I can't help but follow.

City And Colour :: The Girl 
Who doesn't want to be the girl he is talking about in this song? I know my little college heart sure did and still does when I first found this song. 
Modest Mouse :: Gravity Rides Everything 
So, I fist found Modest Mouse in high school and I would listen to this album every day on the way to school, my brother hated it, but this song always takes me back to first getting my license. 
The Head And The Heart :: Rivers And Roads 
Back to the boy who stole my heart. Brad and I had to do cross country distance for a year and I found this song while we were traveling rivers and roads to see each other. 
Bright Eyes :: First Day Of My Life 
I think whenever I listen to this song it makes me feel refreshed and revived. I am ready to tackle life again. 
Dire Straits :: Wild West End 
Will always remind me of my daddio! 
The Postal Service :: The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
I don't want to get all crazy and say The Postal Service changed my life, but this band did open my world to what fantastic music was out there. Welcome to Indie music, Brooke. 
Third Eye Blind :: Motorcycle Drive By 
This jam helped me through a breakup. So yeah... Thanks TEB 
The Format :: On Your Porch 
The summer after my senior year of high = this song. Also, fun fact, this was the band before FUN. and I personally think they are a lot more fun than FUN. 
Dave Matthews Band :: Crash Into Me
I feel like you can define a person by whether he or she is on team DMB or not and I am definitely team DMB and it all started with this song. 
Sinead O'Connor :: Nothing Compares 2 U 
My mom and I used to sing this song so loudly when I was little. 

So yea, I am really bad at this. And this list probably could have been longer... but is already way too long. And sorry to those that didn't want another music post this week, but I couldn't pass up linking up with Helene. Sorry, not sorry. 
Cheers to music!!!!! 

<3 BB 

Helene in Between


Kait said...

love so many of these songs. lime tree,yessssss

Kay said...

Sara B, Gravity.. YEP! Love! And Ron Pope! Love him too. I used to love Modest Mouse, I don't know when I stopped listening to them. Now I sort of miss them. Oh, and DMB, duhhhh! Love that and that song!

Nini Kat said...

yay for music posts! I chose a postal service song too! The one you chose is one of my favorites. I dont think they changed my life but it also opened a lot of doors for high school freshman nini. Seeing them live this year finally was so amazing!

Katie said...

omg motorcycle drive by. the end.

Anonymous said...

Crash Into Me has to be one of the best songs ever. I once had a friend tell me Dave Matthews was overrated and I was all like seriously you don't like Crash Into Me?

Lauren said...

So many good ones! People who don't like Dave are just not okay. I love that Bright Eyes song but hate that it was in a commercial. And I LOVED The Format! I had at least two of their CDs and definitely prefer them to Fun.

Alissa said...

I listened to Motorcycle Driveby on repeat the other night. I've been listening to that song since that album came out and I feel like it was the first time I ever truly understood the message.

Love these music choices, I'm going to have check them out!

Helene said...

ohh it was hard for me too. at first I was like yeah this is easy, ummm no. oh well. you picked avett bros so it's all good.

Anna Sinclair said...

#teamDMB yeah!

Great list!!

Gi said...

Love your mix of songs! Its so hard to only pick a few, I could honestly fill my blog with songs!
Love your blog.

Kasey Lynne said...

Well, I'll just have to remember from now on that we have other things in common beside music to keep our friendship going ;)

BUT, I do love me some Sara Bareilles.

MacKensie said...

love love love love love love looooooooooove