Hitting the Links :: Super Bowl and More Edition

Happy Friday! Happy February! Happy Weekend! Happy It's Almost Super Bowl! So much to be happy about! (Does anyone else sometimes just randomly try and say about with a Canadian accent or is that just me?!) Maybe I watch too much How I Met Your Mother

Also, with it being the beginning of February and all, when is the appropriate time to give up your Snowman mug?  My mom got it for me as a gift last year and I just love it. However, if someone wanted to get me a cute Valentines Day mug, I wouldn't complain and would put the snowman down.

Sorry, off topic... let's get to this week's awesome links:

How to do the Super Bowl like a betchHost an after party viewing of Girls and Downton Abbey to cleanse your brain of beer and Middle America.

Speaking of Super Bowl. Here is your Hater's Guide to Ray Lewis.

Make this for game day.

Beyonce, you're a boss.

Jimmy Kimmel making a fool of people, yet again!

I love menswear, maybe even more than women's fashion and I love dogs. This may be the internet's perfect pairing.

Which Pride and Prejudice character are you?! 

This is the most precious thing you will see all week. I dare you to try and top it.

Going back to yesterday's post, how cute would these look on my coffee table?!

Lastly, let Macklemore and Ryan Lewis getting you jacked up and carry you into the weekend like it is for my coworker and I.

Happy Super Bowl Weekend!

<3 BB


Helene said...

haha this is so awesome. love it! and i saw that press conference! amazing.

Anonymous said...

PUPPY MENSWEAR!! :) So much fun, I always look forward to hitting the links - bring your camera Sunday!

blsmith6 said...

camera: check. salsa: check. stretchy pants: check.