So this weekend happened ...

There was a Super Bowl.

It was pretty cool, I guess.

I got to watch it with Jessi and Dan the Man, so that was lovely.  They have a projector in their living room, it bodes well for football watching. Plus, Dan made everyone bacon cheese burgers with smoked, cracked pepper crusted bacon, salivating just thinking about them.  Brad and I eat mostly turkey bacon, so it was quite a treat to have the stuff and top quality stuff at that.  Am I going into too much detail about bacon? Is there such thing as too much detail about bacon?  Life's toughest questions.

::This guy didn't even get thrown out.
::B. rocked it so hard she shut down the power, without even singing a single word.
::We got to listen to Ray Lewis, again.
::Kaepernick may have lost, but he still has his faith tattooed on him forever.
::And this guy was my vote for MVP.

But more importantly, guys, I bought a decorative tray for my our coffee table.

I didn't buy anything extra to go with it, just used what I had around the apartment, but I am liking how it is coming together.

I also finally set out some coffee table books on the coffee table, weird concept, I know. 

The tray was on sale at Pier 1 so I decided to pull the trigger.  It was harder than it sounds though, because there were a lot of options to choose from and I am not good at making decisions. I persevered and am happy with my selection.  Plus, if I change my mind I saved the receipt and can take it back, winning!  It does have a few minor cosmetic issues, hence it being 50% off, but I have some dark stain that I think will do the trick.  If not, I will say it is part of its rustic charm.  

Overall, this was a very productive weekend, my taxes are done - thanks Mom and Lyn! Hello, Refund!

Annnnd my hair got did. Speaking of, I have come to the conclusion that the guy who does my hair is just cooler than me.  You know how sometimes you meet people and they just have that vibe. The kind of vibe where you just feel cooler by being in their presence, but understand that they are on a higher level than you.  Emmanuel at One Creativity and Design definitely has that vibe - which if you are going to have someone do your hair, I think you want them to have that trait.

Anyway, quite a successful weekend, if  I do say so myself.

Now I have to get to pick up Bradley tonight at 9:30 way past my bedtime from the airport! Don't tell him, but I kind of missed him this past week.....but only a little, let's not get carried away here, people.


<3 BB


Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming over to the Super Bowl party, lady! It was great to have another female in the house and Tiger couldn't stop talking about how good your veggie salsa was. Love the tray!!

Jenn Pdx said...

Love that tray!

Elena @ CDACN said...

That tray is fabulous! I LOVE the post secret book! I can't wait until my children are old enough to leave stuff alone and not "need" the coffee table for activities.

blsmith6 said...

that's funny, because I have the same thoughts directed towards the bf ;)

Kayla Moothart said...

It always feels so good to have something in the house updated - I'm inspired to do some of my own!

Kira said...

I wish I could put cute decor on my coffee table. My toddler daughter loves to mess up anything organized and within reach though.

Jenni Bost said...

TeeHee... I loved the crossed out comments. The coffee table looks fab. I'm in Kira's boat though... anything on the coffee table gets taken by the toddler!

Meagan Shamy said...

I like the tray. It's funny I was just thinking about doing that same thing.