Tuesday Tunesday :: 2.5.13

You want to know what the best life decision I made this week was? (Bold statement to make as it is only Tuesday, I know.) Taking the day off from the gym yesterday and hitting up Mellow Mushroom's Happy Hour with a few friends since I had time to kill before picking Bradley up from the airport.

The good part is I had gotten some good workouts in over the weekend and didn't feel too guilty about the amount of carbies I consumed... That was until I headed to my Grandparent's house to visit with them after HH and Grandma had made a huge dinner...Couldn't offend her by not eating some right?! Wrong  Two meals later I was feeling full, guilty, and ready for bed, but still had to wait until 10pm for his flight to land. Best GF of the Year Award goes to: this girl

I am a happy girl now that the apartment is no longer quiet.  I enjoyed some solo-dolo time, but am glad he is back and I have someone to watch the Bachelor visit with.

Here are my thoughts wrapped up into one corny printable you can buy on etsy.  

Anyway, enough of my blabbing, let's get to the important stuff this fine Tuesday... MUSIC! I went to finish up the post this morning and realized I had stockpiled a lot of music for you this week.  Hope you enjoy!

Penny and Sparrow :: Creature
I'm a creature for your love. Big fan of those lyrics, it reminds me of how we are a little bit (or a lot a bit in my case) creatures of habit. I read that this band has some pretty big ties to faith in their music, but at the end of the day, the great thing about music and lyrics is you can interpret it however you need.

Flightless Bird :: Iron & Wine 
I have been in an Iron & Wine mood lately. I blame January. Not that being in an Iron & Wine mood is a bad thing, but just that their music can give off a very January Grey type of vibe sometimes.

Iron & Wine :: 4AD Session
Like I said, Iron & Wine kind of mood. Also, the first song in the set is my favorite Iron & Wine song of all time.  Super nostalgic and I think it's safe to say everyone has an experience like the one he is describing.

Sleeping At Last :: Turning Page 
Some of you Twilight fans might recognize this song and for those of you who have not see the movies, give it a chance in spite of KStew.  It's beautiful.

Robin Thicke :: Lost Without U 
Taking it back a bit here with this baby makin' jam.  Popped up on my shuffle the other day and took me back to college.  My old roomie and I used to rock out to this song in my car. Gosh it just never gets old for me.

The Lighthouse and the Whaler :: Under Mountain, Under Ground
My friend Creshea reminded me about this band.  She has good taste in music, guys! This is one of my faves by them, but check out the rest of their work.  You won't be disappointed.

The Neighbourhood :: Sweater Weather
This song is fitting right now, because it really is too cold for you here.

Goldroom :: Fifteen
This song makes me wish it were summer.  I think it's the synth that helps This remix is also good, if you're into that kind of thing. Oh, and Creshea also suggested this band too -we have good taste, get used to it.

Annnnd lastly, happy birthday to one of my favorite blogger friends, Kait. I hear Baltimore is throwing a Parade in her honor today..... Or maybe it was for the Super Bowl win... details, shmetails. 

Either way - HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY! Eat cake for me!!!!!

Enjoy the music and hint of sunshine while it lasts!

<3 BB


Kait Comiskey said...

HAHAHA thanks friend!!! Love it!

JE said...

NO way, Dan and I almost stopped at the Mellow on the way home too! We didn't get the regular workout in because his baby toe is still hurting him - so bummed we didn't run into you there!

blsmith6 said...

the odds are good that i will be there on prez day since i have it off ;)