Hitting the Links :: 3.8.13

Guys (or probably mostly Gals),

I am feeling pretty good about my life this fine Friday.  Maybe it's the fact that it's International Women's Day...Orrrrr maybe it's because the sun is out. I'm going to go and give points to the sun on this one.  I treated myself to a Uptown Market coffee (I think the barista and I are slowly becoming besties, she was playing my favorite Black Keys song when I walked in and she calls me hun).


I plan on meeting Brad at the Nike campus for a good workout this afternoon! #toughmuddertraining

I can't stop listening to this song. No joke - 6 times this morning and going strong. ..... Make that 7, just re-started it.

Our track meet down in Eugene tomorrow is calling for funshine (even if it won't get over 60 degrees). heyyyyo! Trying to use this positive energy to counteract the fact that I have to be down in Salem by 7:45 in the AM. Too early for a Saturday.

Fingers crossed I get back from the meet in time to catch the Timbers game, since we're season ticket holders and all nbd. Between track and Timbers my weekends are quite full, I am quickly realizing.

But enough about me.... let's enjoy some links....

::I want to be Mrs. Coach Taylor when I grow up and 16 other reason why Connie Britton is the best, ya'll.

::Embrace the Ramen Noodle hair, Justin.

::Will this little dude come tell me that I look very beautiful today, too?!

::Does anyone else love the artist formerly known as Prince as much as I do?!

::Must have in closet now.

::Let's widen our vocabulary, please. A workout you hate is not so gay. Your homework is not so gay. Don't be lazy and demeaning.

::I am a big promoter of being healthy and fit, but our society walks a fine line when dealing with body image - especially when the person with the negative body image is 7 years old.

::Lastly, some words of wisdom to carry you into the weekend...

Happy Friday, ya'll!

<3 BB

PS. By the time I finished this post, the play count on the No Diggity cover was up to 13... #SorryImNotSorry


Susannah said...

It's International Woman's Day!?!?! I knew today was the best. ;-)

Cre'shea said...

Hooray for our Uteruses!!! Or is it uteri? Ovaries before Brovaries!