Get low, low, low.


I made such a bomb dinner last night, be jealous. I even got wine, heyo!

Steak, yum. Salad, yum. Asparagus, yum. Wine, double yum. 

::Speaking of food, really need to spice up my oatmeal game.

::Also, Kait (the queen of overnight oats) should be proud, I Brad made these overnight oats last night.

::Can we be friends already, Anna?

::Speaking of Anna. Got you this.

::How does Lochte even have a show?!

::You're more beautiful than you think. - So, this video is catching some flack, and I see their argument, but I think at the end of the day this is still a good reminder that women need to see themselves in a more positive light, me included.

::Lastly, I don't often announce that I was in a Sorority. It just really wasn't my thing, but I can't deny I was in one.  With that being said, I wish this email would have been sent out to my sorority. I would have died with laughter!

That's all she wrote for awesome links this week, guys.  I gotta #backthatazzup on outta here to play with these pretty ladies

Anne, Mego, and Me :) 

and since it is #backthatazzup Friday....

I leave you with this picture:

Mego and I gettin' low at Anne's wedding. 

and this song:

get low, low, low....

Happy Friday!!!

<3 BB


Brad Snook said...

Wait, you made the overnight oats?!?!?!

brooke lyn said...


Kait Comiskey said...

so proud! have a fun weekend :)

Justine said...

Reading through the 40 reasons of why I want to be Anna Kendrick's friend made me laugh out loud! I really do want to be her friend! She is beyond talented, and is hilarious! Have a great weekend!

Morgan said...

Oh my gosh I hadn't seen that email yet and I am DYING! So funny, and I'm officially scared of that girl!

Marie Zamboli said...
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Marie Zamboli said...

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Venus Trapped In Mars said...

COME COOK FOR MEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I'll bring the wine!!