why do i care about amanda bynes?!

I got lost in Amanda Bynes' twitter this morning. It was bad, guys, real bad. sorry, I'm not sorry. I don't even follow her on twitter. What is wrong with me? More importantly, what is wrong with her?!

Where did this sweet little gal go?!

When did this happen?!



Moving on...

Here are some things (in list form, obviously) that are actually making me happy this week.

:: I got to play volleyball for 2 hours last night. I was asked if I could be a fill in on one of my friend's teams.  Granted it was after a long day that included a lunch run during work, driving the 45mins down to Salem for practice after work, driving back from Salem, and then finally playing volleyball till 9pm.  Made for a tiring day for this Grandma, but worth it!

::Put a new coffee mug into rotation at work.  Love the little monkey and the cute color on the handle.


::The just because flowers Brad got my at the end of last week are starting to bloom!

::Spin class is tonight! I have a huge girl crush on the spin instructor.

::After my late night last night, I am looking forward to an early bed time tonight.... After I watch last night's DVR'd  The Voice, of course! #team I have a huge crush on all of them including my hips don't lie Shakira! 

Happy Wednesday!!!

<3 BB 


Anonymous said...

ohhhhh Amanda Bynes. She cray. Gimme dat mug! I LOVE IT!

p.s. I can't respond to your comments cos you're a no-reply blogger. go here to fix it: http://www.smallstheblog.com/p/no-reply-bloggers.html

brooke lyn said...

thanks for letting me know and the deets to fix it. you're so on top of life. i am impressed!

Helene said...

i am concerned about amanda bynes too. i don't know why, i guess because it is just so weird. also love "just because flowers" yay!

Ashley @ ladyacray.blogspot.com said...

Do you like spin?! I've never done it before but everyone always walks out super sweaty so I'm assuming it's a butt kicker! I'm a little terrified of it because everyone is always so intense/serious :-)

Staci said...

Amanda Amanda Amanda. I think everyone cares because she just seemed like the least likely one to go crazy. We expect this shit from Lindsay & Britney, but she seemed so normal. And then WHA-BAM.