ate my way around coronado island

I think my favorite day of vacation was our trip to Coronado Island. It is a 15 min ferry or water taxi across the water and we spent the entire day there.  Walked around shops, went to the beach, and ate multiple times throughout the day obviously

Oh whatup multi-million dollar yacht?!

View of downtown San Diego from the water taxi.

Our first stop was food (weird, I know).  We walked to the other side of the island, which was about 10 blocks away and went to a cute little coffee shop / diner called Clayton's

There was a little wait to get in the restaurant, so we got coffee while we waited.

Their coconut chai was quite lovely. Brad got a mango, pineapple smoothie that was also yummy.

The diner area was cute, but small.

Not actually my coffee cup, but I took a picture anyway, because I am a creeper like that.

I went with the Turkey, Bacon, and Lettuce Sammie, but the best part, hands down, was the pickle.

Brad went with the (I think) Rib Eye Panini.

After food we headed over to the beach which was lovely, we proceeded to hang out long enough to get burnt and then left for more food (weird)

Next food stop, Leroy's Kitchen & Lounge for happy hour.

We split the Poke Tacos which featured sashimi and a wonton shell. Yes please.

Their sweet potato fries were no joke.

Since we split both options, we obviously had to walk next door for ice cream.  They say Moo Time Creamery is the best ice cream on the island (not sure who they is). Can't pass that up. 


Holy Moly their peanut butter ice cream was probably the best peanut butter ice cream I have ever had.  Rich, creamy, and wonderful.  Plus, the peanut butter flavor wasn't overpowering. Their Espresso was also great! 

As you can see, Brad really enjoyed his apple pie flavor.

Double fisting!!

On our walk back to the water taxi we stopped by the community pavilion to listen to a concert that was in honor of Memorial Day. Civil War tunes for days! Being in San Diego during Memorial Day Weekend was awesome, because there is such a large Military presence there. It was quite patriotic.

Perfect ride back to the city that evening.  Each day was so packed with fun things that by the time we would get back to the room we were exhausted in a good way and didn't have many late nights out.  Not that it should surprise anyone, staying up past midnight is late for this grandma.

Come back tomorrow for my last post on SD fun Scout's Honor :)


<3 BB


Melinda Ott said...

This post totally wants to make me go one vacation!

JumpingJE said...

Weekend of fun = blogs for dayz!

Looks like so much fun! You take the best photos of ice cream cones.

Rachel Sedaker said...

Wow, looks like a great time! I want to be on that yacht.

Erica said...

Sweet potato fries, get in my belly.

marlynn said...

ok, these pictures have me so jealous for sunshine. Looks like a great time!

Lauren said...

So, that pickle does look amazing! Those pictures really show the fun time that y'all had. Amaze.

Jenni Bost said...

I need to go on vacation now. WOW. Looks like such a blast. The food looks great too!

Kristen said...

Those views are amazing! & girl you take some really good pictures!!

Ginny @ Buttergirl Diaries said...

Hey Brookelyn! Thank's so much for commenting! You are so gorgeous girl! Love your hair. These pictures are really great. I'm definitely going to be checking out your blog this afternoon when I have some free time. Following you on bloglovin now!

You are making me want an icecream cone for breakfast today :)